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Spirits in the Wind: Recognizing Our Kinship with Nature – 9:30-5pm. This class seeks to address our human responsibility to man-made ecological crisis and develop a response that recognizes our innate kinship with nature. Based on the millennia-old teachings of the three “Rs” (Respect, Relationship and Reciprocity), we will explore ways to communicate with the “other than human” realms and recognize our interdependence with the earth and cosmos. Shamanic Teacher, Rev Edward O’Malley. Available in-person, videoconference or recording. Public Price $95. One Spirit Learning Alliance, 247 W 36th St, 6th Floor, New York, NY.



WICCA: Rediscovering the Magic of Life on a Sacred Planet – 9:30am-5pm. Well-known Wiccan Priestess, activist, lawyer and author Phyllis Curott will lead this workshop on Shamanic Wicca, a deeply transformative spiritual practice that unlocks the divine magic residing in each one of us. The class will explore Wicca as sacred practice, the spirit realms of the Natural world, and tune into the natural wisdom and rhythms of Mother Earth, Moon and Universe. Learning preference: attending, videoconference or recording. Public Price: $190. One Spirit Learning Alliance, 247 W 36th, 6th Floor, New York, NY.



Emotional Intelligence: The Soul’s Expression of Self – 9:30am-5pm. Rev Don Ajene Wilcoxson is an ordained interfaith and Progressive Christian Minister, a Full Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship and an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Assessor. Through contemplation, reflection and discussions, this class will help you gain a new perspective on emotions, one designed to help you foster personal and spiritual growth. Learning preference: attending, videoconference or recording. Public Price: $95. One Spirit Learning Alliance, 247 W 36th St, 6th Floor, New York, NY.



Spiritual Practice by Way of Creative Expression – 9:30am-5pm. This class is designed to enable your spiritual practices to include creative expression, such as song, dance and artistic talent as divinely led. We will examine practices of the world’s faith traditions that have enhanced and deepened spiritual paths for thousands of years. Facilitator Rev. Lynette Turner is a Positivologist® who is committed to encouraging people to embrace the journey of life with a positive outlook. She is an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister, singer, dancer and certified dream teacher. Learning preference: attending, videoconference or recording. Public Price: $95. One Spirit Learning Alliance, 247 W 36th St, 6th Floor, New York, NY.

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