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Renowned Qigong, Kung Fu Master Teaches at Eastover

Renowned Qigong, Kung Fu Master Teaches at Eastover

Qigong and kung fu master Terry Dunn will be the resident instructor at Easter Estate and Retreat this fall, teaching weekly classes as well as immersive three-day workshops in three Chinese holistic health arts. An expert in Tai Chi for Health, Dunn will be offering ongoing weekend classes in Tai Chi Chuan and two ancient monastic qigong arts, Flying Phoenix Qigong and Taoist Elixir Method Qigong.

Dunn will teach weekly classes in Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan, in the manner of Professor Cheng Man-Ching and as taught by Dunn’s teacher, Grandmaster William C. C. Chen of New York City. “This is a style that I have been studying since 1980,” he says.

Flying Phoenix and Taoist Elixir Method are esoteric systems of qigong that have been preserved intact to this day, he says, and he teaches them in a format that’s safe, fun and easy while providing context, skills and meaning. “Both Flying Phoenix Qigong and Tao Tan Pai Qigong systems are easier to learn and practice than tai chi, as they require less memorization of complex choreography—yet they provide more immediate and rejuvenating effects,” he says.

Dunn has 42 years of training in Chinese martial, yogic and healing arts. He is best known for his best-selling 1989 instructional videos, Tai Chi for Health Short Form/Long Form and his six-volume Chi Kung For Health DVD series.

In 2000, he wrote the first protocol in American medical history applying therapeutic tai chi and qigong exercises to accelerate the recovery of post-operative cardiothoracic patients at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. In 2000 and 2001, he became the first tai chi trainer in the NBA, working with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Eastover Estate and Retreat is located in Lenox, MA. For information about classes and workshops, contact Eastover at

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