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Eastover Symposium Features 16 Eastern Medicine Masters

Eastover Symposium Features 16 Eastern Medicine Masters

Many internationally renowned masters—including Mantak Chia, Junfeng Li and Aiping Cheng—will unite for the 2017 Eastover Medical Qigong and Eastern Medicine Symposium, which will be held June 23-30 at Eastover Estate and Retreat in the Berkshires.

“Having 16 masters gather at one location in one week for people to connect with is really a treat,” says Eastover’s owner, Yingxing Wang.

Chia’s mastery of ancient Chinese practices in several disciplines resulted in the creation of his Universal Healing Tao System, and he has published 57 books on Tao as a secret to longevity. Among his many teachings, he will be sharing Emotional Wisdom, an internal energy practice designed to transform imbalance (the presence of painful emotions) into balance, promoting harmony, clarity and joy.

Li, founder of Sheng Zhen (Unconditional Love) Qigong and former head coach of China’s national wushu team, will teach practices like Heaven Nature Gong—10 movements designed to increase the spine’s flexibility while purifying the meridians and stimulating the sense of compassion.

Cheng is a world authority in Chinese martial arts, with experience spanning more than 40 years. She was named one of the Top 100 Chinese Martial Artists in World by the World Culture Science Academy in Hong Kong.

Other featured experts will be Lonny Jarrett, a leading scholar in the field of Chinese medicine, discussing the inner nature of many acupuncture points and their use in treating the mind and revealing the spirit; Roger Janhke, director of training and research at the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi, imparting the wisdom of his 40 years of experience in integrative and Chinese medicine and mind-body wellness; and Sifu Terence Dunn, PhD, who will teach two medical qigong systems with very different methodologies and histories.

For more about the symposium and its presenters, visit Easter Estate and Retreat, located in Lenox, MA, minutes from Tanglewood Music Center and Kriplau Yoga Center.

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