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36 Stories of Pushing Past Adversity

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Adversity coach Harriet Cabelly has just published a new book, and the spring launch is perfect timing. “Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal,” she says. “This can be a calling to come out of our darkness, our pain and sadness, and look toward the growth and beauty of spring to guide us out of despair. Just as the flower heads push through the dirt, so too can we push through our difficulties.”

In Living Well Despite Adversity, Cabelly shares the stories of 36 people who have gone beyond losses and setbacks to rebuild their lives with renewed meaning and joy. The book is based on her interviews with 36 people, including writer Cheryl Strayed, television journalist Meredith Vieira and animal scientist Temple Grandin. “The people in this book don’t flinch from telling it how it really is,” Cabelly says. “Their stories are raw at times, as they openly describe their struggles and how they learned to cope with loss, disability or addiction.”

Touching on themes such as purpose, attitude and resilience, Cabelly reflects on the importance of developing strength and a positive outlook, even in the face of insufferable odds.

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