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8/3-10-17-24- Shake Your Soul®: Dance for Your Health

New York Open Center


Thursdays in August- Four sessions

Rediscover your instinct to move and dance with soul and passion! Bring new inspiration and freedom to your body and mind with an integrative dance, meditative movement, and mindfulness-based practice. In this transforming and healing experience, you will discover dynamic movements to release innate feelings of joy, power, freedom and grace. Both a health and a spiritual practice, it is a renewal of spirit and connection to your soul as it transforms and heals. Calm your nervous system, energize your body, elevate your spirit! Suitable for all fitness levels. Odelia Shargian. New York Open Center, 22 E 30th St, New York, NY. 212-219-2527. Register at with Promo Code NAPROMO.

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