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TV Host Brings Transformation Event to NYC

Joshua Bloom, a quantum healer and host of “Emotionally Free TV,” will lead a workshop in his new healing modality, LifeForce Awakening, October 7 and 8 in New York City.

Bloom, who previously created the modality known as Quantum Energy Transformation, says this live workshop, Ignite Your Healing Powers, will offer tools for helping people who feel overwhelmed or emotionally raw. “This workshop is profoundly transformational,” he says. “You’ll leave in a calmer, more thoughtful and peaceful state that will have you feeling fully alive, elated and limitless.”

Participants will discover how to heal themselves and others with life-force energy through the quantum and morphic fields as they heal the entire body all at once, he says. Those who complete the workshop will receive first-level certification in LifeForce Awakening.

“The workshop is a great opportunity to network with like-minded people who want to be the first to experience this new model for healing,” Bloom says. “It’s a life shifting, life-lifting experience.”

Former workshop participant Kelly Walker, of Oregon, says it transformed her relationship with herself. “It brought me more confidence, courange and opportunities,” she says.

For Uland kay-Coleman of Canada, the benefits were more tangible. “My pain is gone,” she reports. “I went from bedridden to freedom.”

Seating is limited, so early registration is recommended. For tickets, visit


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