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FRIDAY, APRIL 10—SUNDAY, APRIL 12 For 19 years, Mind Body Spirit Expo has been the largest natural health and human potential expo in the Tri-State New Jersey area. Speakers include Maureen Hancock (“The Medium Next Door”), Deborah King (Master Healer and NY Times Bestselling Author), Dr. Eric Pearl (“Reconnective Healing”), Gerry Gavin (“Messages from Margaret”), Dr. Linda Bender (Animal Wisdom), and John Newton (Ancestral Clearing). The expo has workshops, ... Read More »


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SUNDAY, MARCH 22 10am-6pm. Groundbreaking, rogue Egyptologist, author and scholar John Anthony West presents images and evidence of his latest findings in Egypt and Göebekli Tepe (Turkey) of the dates and accomplishments of some of Earth’s earliest civilizations. Join him for a giddy jaunt through Geology, Symbolist Egypt, Archeoastronomy/Astrology and Sacred Geometry. For 30+ years, he’s been telling the world (and providing irrefutable evidence) that the Giza Pyramids ... Read More »


Waters of life

Rachel Mann, Certified Colon Therapist 1145 Second Ave, #1 (near 59th St.) New York NY 212-317-0467 Clean your System with a high Colonic and feel great! Why should you be concerned about your Colon? Colonic helps you with bloating, constipation, candida, headaches, parasites, and back-pain. A healthy colon produces vitamins B and K and a healthy digestive tract helps support a healthy immune system. A session is ... Read More »


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315 Madison Avenue, Ste 806, New York, NY 10017 (Enter on 42nd St.) 8419 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11214 212-922-9030 • CURE PAIN NATURALLY Suffering from musculoskeletal pain? Want to avoid risky and painful surgery? Natural, nonsurgical treatments do exist! Get back to living a pain free life by treating the root cause of your musculoskeletal problems instead of just masking the pain. Board Certified Physiatrist Dr. ... Read More »


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Healing Arts Center 420 East 81st Street, Suite 1 New York, NY 10028 612-483 2994 Unleash the full potential of your brain! Your higher brain gives you consciousness and clarity, yet it’s vastly under-utilized! The Higher Brain Living protocol of gentle touch sends energy from the body to the higher brain. You awaken to a new reality, free from stress and anxiety, that’s even more real ... Read More »

Seaweed May Be the New Lettuce


Food items such as kelp, dulse, alaria and laver may be unfamiliar now, but likely not for long, as these and other varieties of edible seaweed and sea vegetables appear on more shopping lists and restaurant menus. These ingredients are already favored by cooks for the jolt of salty goodness they bring to soups and salads and by health food ... Read More »

Even Modest Drinking Raises Risk of Heart Disease


Contrary to the hypothesis that moderate drinking can be heart-healthy, a new study published in the British Medical Journal that even light to moderate drinking increases the risk of heart disease. In a large, randomized meta-study, researchers examined patient data from 261,991 European adults derived from 56 studies. Participants were classified as non-drinkers, light drinkers, moderate drinkers or heavy drinkers. ... Read More »

Ginkgo Biloba Calms ADHD, Boosts Memory


Researchers from Germany’s University of Tübingen’s Center for Medicine tested the Ginkgo biloba extract EGb761 on 20 children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in a clinical trial. The children were given up to 240 milligrams (mg) of the extract for between three and five weeks. Before, during and after the treatment, the scientists evaluated the children by testing ... Read More »

New GMO Labeling Bill Needs Citizen Feedback on Capitol Hill


Congressman Mike Pompeo (R), of Kansas, has introduced bill HR 4432, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014 (, which would ban states from passing genetically engineered food labeling laws and undo those already passed, making voluntary labeling the law of the land. The bill also allows companies to label products containing GMOs as “natural”. Healthy food advocates ... Read More »