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The Fire of Freedom Series: Tapping into Toltec Teaching is brought to you by Aum Namaste Bookshop! OCT 16,  7-9pm Blossoming into Awareness with Don Miguel Ruiz $55-$65 OCT 25, 3-6pm Igniting Your Inner Fire with Heather Ash Amara $35 NOV 1, 1-5pm My Good Friend the Rattlesnake with Don Jose Ruiz $85   Attend all three and receive three books for ... Read More »

What’s Your Tonic?


What is your little luxury  during your  day whether it’s non stop at work or a busy day at home looking after the family, what little pleasures make that warm glow of contentment where it gives us that feel – good factor? Sounds simple but the benefits are surprising, it is surprising how by allocating ourselves a little treat, pick ... Read More »



224 5th Ave, 3rd floor, NYC 10001 212-213-8520 Infinity Float is the premier luxury Float Suite for the “Sensory Deprivation Experience. “Floating is a method of attaining the deepest rest that humankind has ever experienced – your awareness and focus will shift inward and help you to experience the most incredible form of stress relief and detoxification available. Floating ... Read More »


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351 E 78th St, New York, NY 10075 212-772-8960 Rewire Me is an online community of people seeking more in their lives— ways to learn, grow, heal, and transform into their best selves. Founded by Rose Caiola, Rewire Me combines mutual inspiration with resources— the most useful ancient practices combined with the latest scientific discoveries— to guide readers toward wholeness and ... Read More »


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Energy Healer & Meditation Coach Veronica Cruz 917-821-1809 VeroCruz.Co Veronica Cruz is a meditation coach in Manhattan, guiding the average person in to a more relaxed and calm state of consciousness. She has being meditating and researching meditation for over 10 years, including, guided meditation, mind/body integration, mindfulness, Buddhist chanting, meditation in the healing arts, and disciplines by Sri Chinmoy and Paramhansa ... Read More »



Dylan Stein, MS, LAc. 303 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1508 New York NY 10016 (212) 863-9223 Dylan Stein Acupuncture is a midtown Manhattan acupuncture clinic, offering both acupuncture and herbal medicine. Specialties include pain management, dermatology, fertility, men’s and women’s health, pediatrics, and support for people undergoing cancer treatment. They also offer facial rejuvenation acupuncture. Health insurance accepted: Blue ... Read More »

Dr. Andrew Weil on America’s Evolution into Integrative Medicine

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Natural Awakenings had the opportunity to pose progressive healthcare-related questions to Dr. Andrew Weil, world-renowned author, founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and clinical professor of internal medicine at the University of Arizona, on the eve of the sixth biennial Symposium of Integrative Medicine Professionals, to be held October 13 to 15 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. ... Read More »

Have You Hugged A Vegetarian Today?


Did you know that today is World Vegetarian Day?  So what is World Vegetarian Day and when did it start? World Vegetarian Day is observed annually on October 1. It is a day of celebration established by the North American Vegetarian Society in 1977 and endorsed by the International Vegetarian Union in 1978, “To promote the joy, compassion and life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism.” It brings awareness to ... Read More »

Clever Collaborations- Renewables Gain Ground Worldwide


xcess heat from London subway tunnels and an electric substation will soon be funneled into British homes, slashing energy costs and lowering pollution, according to the Islington Council. Germany’s renewable energy industry has broken a solar power record, prompting utility company RWE to close fossil fuel power plants that are no longer competitive. RWE says 3.1 gigawatts of generating capacity, ... Read More »

False Alarm- Expiration Labels Lead People to Toss Good Food


Several countries are asking the European Commission to exempt some products like long-life produce from the mandatory “best before” date labels because they lead to food waste. According to a discussion paper issued by the Netherlands and Sweden and backed by Austria, Denmark, Germany and Luxembourg, many food products are still edible after the labeled date, but consumers throw them ... Read More »