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Veggie Nation Revolution


In 1776, the stirring phrase in the U.S. Declaration of Independence—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—became a rallying cry for American colonists seeking these inalienable rights of self-government. In 2015, those seeking a new way of eating for personal wellness, a more vibrant local economy and a healthier environment are fomenting their own kind of rebellion. “You have to ... Read More »

Circling and Yoga Retreat in Bali

Bali 2

Gina Brezini—a life coach, spiritual guide and energy healer—will lead an eight-day Circling and Yoga Retreat in Ubud, Bali, September 6-13. Known as “the island of the gods,” Bali is considered one of the world’s most powerful energetic centers, Brezini says. “When you’re in a place of higher vibrations, the process of transformation accelerates and generates lasting changes,” she says. Circling—also ... Read More »

One Spirit Learning Alliance Interspiritual Programs

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One Spirit Learning Alliance is now accepting applications for its heart-centered, experiential programs starting this September that allow participants to open their minds and hearts to a deep level of experience and inner wisdom that will inform and guide them throughout life. The organization offers two core programs: Interfaith Seminary and Interspiritual Counseling, as well as weekend and evening classes. ... Read More »

Lowering Body’s Acidity Reaps Health Benefits


By Anamaria Pontes Looks like an apple a day can also keep the dentist away. Apples are alkaline-forming foods—something most Americans need more of to achieve better health. Dr. Lewis Gross, the director at Holistic Dentists at Tribeca and a pioneer in alternative and integrative dentistry, focuses on providing dental care that benefits overall health. He routinely tests his patients’ ... Read More »

Most Health Issues Are Stress Related


By Steven Giron, PhD While stress is the number-one reported struggle for most people, stress is not inherently bad. In fact, it’s necessary to human survival. When certain structures in the brain (the amygdala and hypothalamus) perceive a threat to survival, they signal the adrenal glands to send cortisol and epinephrine to the cells. That’s the “fight-or-flight” response. But non-life-threatening ... Read More »

Make a Habit of Preventing Sun Damage


By Dr. Mariana Boneva Since summer is officially here and we all want to be outdoors, it is important to remember the risks associated with overexposure to the sun and take some daily precautions to minimize those risks. The risks are well known. They range from the superficial (brown spots, red or scaly spots, dryness and wrinkles) to the dangerous ... Read More »

Taking the Clean Message into the Home

Christine Chamberline

By Nicole Miale When organic mattress and bedding retailer The Clean Bedroom opened their first showroom in Kittery, Maine in 2008 after 4 years of online sales, co-founder Christine Chamberlin knew it was destined to become something bigger. “We always expected it wouldn’t be small,” she says now, seven showrooms later. “My husband [company co-founder Theodore Duquette] said then, “when ... Read More »

Herbs for Performance, Enhancement and Recovery

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Outdoor summer activities can sometimes leave the body a bit bruised and battered. While the tendency is to take extra care of ourselves only after the damage has been done, taking a proactive approach by using herbs to prepare for exertion can cut down on post-workout pain, improve athletic performance and help recovery. Before heading outside to work out, Nature’s ... Read More »

Minimally Invasive Ozone Implants


What is an implant and who needs them? A dental implant is an artificial root that is placed in the bone to replace missing teeth or stabilize a denture.  There are many reasons to have a dental implant placed.  Replacing missing teeth is very important to maintain the ability to properly chew your food and not have all your biting ... Read More »

The Underused Powerhouse in Breast Cancer Prevention

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By Patricia Bowden-Luccardi In the largest review of research into the connection between lifestyle and breast cancer, the American Institute of Cancer Research estimated that about 40 percent of US breast cancer cases could be prevented if people made wiser lifestyle choices. Preventing breast cancer is far more important and powerful than simply trying to detect a tumor after it ... Read More »