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Nature’s Colors Aid Focus and Accuracy


Breaking for Beauty is Beneficial   Researchers from the University of Melbourne determined that taking a quick break and looking at natural colors can significantly increase attention, focus and job performance. The researchers tested 150 university students that were randomly selected to view one of two city scenes consisting of a building with and without a flowering meadow green roof. ... Read More »

    Fracking Fluids Found Toxic to Health


    Linked to Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity   In analyzing 1,021 chemicals contained in fluids and wastewater used in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for oil or natural gas, a Yale University study found that at least 157 of the chemicals—including arsenic, benzene, formaldehyde and mercury—are associated with either developmental toxicity, reproductive toxicity or both. Of the total identified chemicals, 925 were used ... Read More »

      100 Percenter


      Lower Austria Wholly Powered by Renewable Energy   Lower Austria, the largest of the country’s nine states and home to 1.65 million people, now receives 100 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources. The country’s total power output is about 70 percent renewable. The Danube River is so powerful that hydroelectric power is a natural choice. The mountainous geography ... Read More »

        Ground Control


        Down-to-Earth Climate Change Strategy   The Center for Food Safety’s Cool Foods Campaign report Soil & Carbon: Soil Solutions to Climate Problems maintains that it’s possible to take atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) that fuels climate change and put it back into the soil, where much of it was once a solid mineral. There’s too much carbon in the atmosphere and the oceans, ... Read More »

          Everyday Sustainability


          Practical Ways We Can Help Out the Planet LISA KIVIRIST AND JOHN IVANKO For many Americans, living more sustainably has become a natural part of their daily routine as they consistently recycle, eat healthy and use energy more efficiently. It’s just what they normally do every day. Every one of them had to start somewhere, growing their efforts over time ... Read More »

            Troubled Waters


            Our Precious Freshwater Supplies Are Shrinking LINDA SECHRIST Virtually all water, atmospheric water vapor and soil moisture presently gracing the Earth has been perpetually recycled through billions of years of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. As all living things are composed of mostly water and thus a part of this cycle, we may be drinking the same water that a Tyrannosaurus ... Read More »



              On-Site Farms Grow Organics for Patients JUDITH FERTIG   Most people would agree with the results of a 2011 study by the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: Typical hospital food is full of the dietary fat, sodium, calories, cholesterol and sugar that contribute to the medical problems that land many in the hospital in the first place. The study’s ... Read More »

                Eileen Fisher Learning Lab Offers Spring Workshops and Events

                Screen shot 2016-04-01 at 11.43.28 AM

                The Learning Lab, created by clothing designer Eileen Fisher as “a place for people to create positive change in their lives from the inside out,” will offer motivational workshops this spring focused on subjects such as life purpose, happiness, leadership, trust and embodiment. “The Learning Lab brings people together for deeper experiences of connection and inquiry,” Fisher says. “Everything we offer is an opportunity to get curious, access wisdom ... Read More »

                  Retreat Center Raffles $1,500 Visit for Two to Healing Symposium


                  Eastover, a 600-acre sanctuary and holistic retreat center in Lenox, Massachusetts, will host a Medical Healing Qi Gong and Eastern Medicine Symposium June 10 to 17. To celebrate this first-ever event, Eastover will raffle off a $1,500 package for two, good for two nights’ room and board plus two days’ admission to the symposium. Visit to sign up for the drawing. Grand Master Junfeng Li, ... Read More »

                    Taoist Tools for Emotional Wisdom


                    by Mantak Chia We live in an emotional world. Negative emotions are here to stay, and trying to deny them simply causes more problems, because they grow faster than we can eliminate them. The solution is not to eradicate them but to balance them, cultivating and nourishing positive emotions to keep our negative emotions under control. One way to do that is through the Taoist technique called Inner Smile. It connects us ... Read More »

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