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“Heal the Healer” Program at Eastover

When winter drives us indoors, we have a perfect excuse to take time off for healing—and that’s vital for those of us in the healing business, says Yingxing Wang, founder of Eastover, a holistic living and retreat center in the Berkshires. “Winter is a great time for the healers themselves to come to Eastover to relax and recharge, especially because our rates are so cheap then,” she says. ... Read More »

Study to be a Nutritional Therapist

The Nutritional Therapy Association is offering two separate, nine-month, blended online and in-person nutritional therapist certification programs with new venues in Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Boston, New York City, Denver, Toronto and other cities. Enrollment continues through September 12 for workshop courses that begin on September 19, while registration for the winter courses will commence October 10 until February 6, 2017, ... Read More »

Sleep Makes The Man

By Brian Benko Bedtime habits die hard. When I was a young kid, there was a nightly skirmish between my sweet but tenacious mother and my fingers clutching the remote. Although half asleep while watching TV, I resisted total shut-eye like grim death. For poor Mom, it was just as challenging waking me for school seven hours later, nestled as ... Read More »

Open the Heart through Tantra Healing

Most people believe our brain controls us, but our heart actually sends more signals to our brain than the reverse, says energy healer Goddess Rose. “The heart ultimately affects everything we manifest in our lives—our relationships, sensuality, happiness, health and career success, and even the money we make,” she says. Electrophysiological studies conducted at the Institute of Heartmath have indicated that the heart plays a key role ... Read More »

Rolf Institute Expands Training Program

The human body was not designed to be hunched for hours in the same position, whether at a computer at work or watching TV at home. This static position develops poor posture that can cause as much trouble as repetitive motions that strain muscles. When we sit for long periods, the resulting shape gets locked in the body’s fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, like ... Read More »

Learn to Access New Spiritual Chakras

Participants in a two-day workshop entitled The New Spiritual Chakras and How To Work With Them given by Elizabeth Joyce will learn to access their higher self, connect with second dimension consciousness and third dimension reality and expand perception to better access these energies and apply them to spiritual chakras. It will be held from 7:30 to 9 p.m., November ... Read More »

How to Stop Destructive and Reactive Patterns

When I was in law school, students were conditioned to act confident through repeated doses of public humiliation and fear. I didn’t realize the high price I would pay for allowing humiliation and fear to form the conditioning patterns in my life. After 15 years of practicing law, I began to understand that underneath the successful façade was a hidden secret: despite my worldly success, I felt ... Read More »

Health Coaches Help People Achieve Wellness Goals

With the continued rise in chronic disease, Americans are realizing they have no choice but to adopt healthier diets and lifestyle changes. As changing unhealthy habits can be a challenge, more people are hiring health coaches to help them find manageable ways to improve their quality of life with lasting results. Marina Shevel, a health coach with Inspired’n Healthy in NYC, ... Read More »

Tarot Certification Course at Aum Shanti

Professional Tarot practitioner J. Sol will teach a Tarot certification course at Aum Shanti bookshop this winter. “Tarot is perfect for anyone who’s ever been interested in divination, thought about practicing it, or been told how strong their intuition is,” Sol says. “It’s also good for helping navigate life’s rough waters.” The six-part certification course, which begins January 7 and ends March 11, will cover the history ... Read More »

Living The Law of Attraction – A Self Guided E-Course

Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach David Scott Bartky has written a downloadable 21-day self-guided program for people wanting an easy-to-understand way to improve their lives using the Law of Attraction. “When the powerful processes and techniques in this program are followed, by the time they reach day 21, users will not only have a greater understanding about what the Law of Attraction is, but they will ... Read More »