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Safer by Design – Trusted Products for Over 25 Years

Modere—a global company specializing in safe, innovative products for personal care, health and wellness, and household care—is giving away $10 in store credit to customers who “share the love” by referring their friends to the online company. Modere products are “inspired by nature and delivered by science,” says Mist Muhammad, a wholistic social retailer for the company. “We don’t believe ... Read More »

Finding Solutions to an Age-Old Problem

By Ruth Croson-Lowney I developed acne early. By high school I was breaking out frequently—on my face, shoulders, chest and back. My self-esteem was pretty low, and of course I was self-conscious about my skin. My dermatologist gave me light treatments, tetracycline and erythromycin, and had me avoid certain foods, use special soaps and toners, and “get more sun”—all to ... Read More »

New Integrative Pharmacy Seeks Holistic Practitioners

A transformative model of integrative health care— combining the services of a traditional compounding pharmacy and several licensed natural health professionals, along with a wide array of organic and natural products—is starting to take shape on theUpper Eastside in NYC. The newly renovated Metro Integrative Pharmacy will represent a new er of excellence in whole-body wellness, says Leslie Cooperstein, general manager and clinical nutritionist. Kristen McElveen, ND, ... Read More »

Make Healthy Beverage Choices During The Holidays

Over the next few weeks, most of us will be hosting or attending holiday events. That’s great for our social lives, but not always so great for our health—especially when our beverage choices boil down to alcoholic drinks or sugar-laden sodas. Stuart Scott, with Mountain Valley Spring Water, suggests some healthier options. “When I host a party, I always have a selection of Mountain Valley spring and sparkling water available,” he ... Read More »

The Lifetime Model for Natural Health

By Suzanne McBride, DC In ancient cultures, royalty had healing teams. Bodywork was an integral part of life from day one, and it took a village. Now, however, we seek care only when we’re suffering— and we’re addicted to fast cures. A tree doesn’t grow strong and tall overnight, and it doesn’t choose sun, water or soil. If we only ... Read More »

“Power of Positive” Hypnotherapy Workshops January 13

Certified hypnotherapist Ralph A. Gonzalez will be conducting three sessions of his “Power of Positive” workshop on January 13 at the Learning Annex, 116 West 23rd Street, fifth floor. The two-hour workshop costs $65 and will be offered at 9:30 a.m., noon and 2:30 p.m. Gonzalez incorporates a holistic approach in his workshops, combining metaphysical energy and the subconscious to enhance the mind, body and spirit. “It’s a truly powerful hypnotic experience, ... Read More »

Mark Anthony The Psychic Lawyer® Presents Evidence Of Eternity Dec. 5

The NYC Edgar Cayce Center proudly presents Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® for a special evening of spirit communication—Evidence of Eternity: Healing Grief Through Spirit Contact—on Saturday, December 5, 6:00-9:00 p.m. Join Mark for what should prove to be an uplifting and inspiring presentation by the author of the groundbreaking book Evidence of Eternity which removes fear & superstition from spirit communication, bringing it into the 21st Century. At this gallery ... Read More »

Skin Care Lessons Pay Off for a Lifetime

Throughout her adolescence and into young adulthood, Alexandrina Hadjiyska never had to deal with the dermatological problems that plagued so many girls her age. “Skin was never a hassle for me,” she says. “I almost took for granted the fact that I had a spotless face and beautiful skin.” Then when she was 23, everything changed. “I was brought to my knees by a severe acne breakout,” she says. A student in New York ... Read More »

Eastover Estate and Retreat

Eastover Estate and Retreat is quickly evolving into a major north east wellness, spiritual, public health, instructor training and holistic retreat venue. It’s unique business model of facilitating programs and generous package of giving back 95% of tuition to facilitators, quickly attracted many world renowned holistic teachers like Dr. Alberto Villoldo from Four Winds Society; Grand Taoist Qigong Master Mantak ... Read More »

November Workshops Will Facilitate Guided Trances

O n November 14 and 15, certified neurolinguistic programming coach Nika Annon will be in New York City to offer one-day workshops in which she will use a rattle and the ecstatic body postures of our spiritual ancestors to guide participants to a “waking dream” state. The goal is to take participants beyond their daily constructs, barriers and filters and move them outside their habitual behavior and thought patterns, ... Read More »