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Sleep 101: How to Choose a Dream Mattress

Adults spend about one-third of each day in bed, forging a strong bond between the mattress and the sleeper’s overall health. Yet most people rush through the process of choosing a mattress—from overlooking details about construction materials to skipping the time it takes to properly test-drive (or test-nap) all the options. Here are five steps to follow to choose a ... Read More »

Rosacea- When Redness is More than Blushing

How to rebalance your skin when redness won’t go away Everyone gets a little flustered sometimes. We blush when shy or embarrassed, get a bit rosy after a strenuous workout or, on a chilly day, we might find ourselves looking a little like Rudolph. But what does it mean when your face is ruddy almost all the time? It could be that you have rosacea but, according to ... Read More »

The Fear and Anxiety Solution

  Imagine you’ve just settled into bed. You feel ready to drift off to sleep when your mind starts to race. Did I remember to feed the cat? Will he get fat if I feed him twice by accident? Can cats get diabetes? While this is a funny example, if you’ve ever been sucked into a destructive spiral of worry, then you understand what anxiety feels like. One ... Read More »

Perillo Tours Hosts Exotic Wellness Journeys

Ignite an existing or new passion by combining cultural immersion with hands-on education in exotic lands with a new kind of wellness vacation. The Learning Journeys division of Perillo Tours is organizing upcoming Nomadic Yoga Health, Wellness and Community Experiences to: Hawaii   November 7 – 14 February 13 – 20 India November 9 – 23 March 15 – 26 ... Read More »

Give the Gift of Ultimate Relaxation and Detox

Have you heard people talk about floating lately? Floating is a method of attaining deep rest by floating effortlessly in a warm and dense solution of epsom salt, about 10” deep for 60 minutes. There are no forces of gravity, light, sound, or tactile sensations. Without any external stimuli whatsoever, your awareness and focus shifts inward, helping you experience an incredible form of stress relief and detoxification. Floating ... Read More »

Keeping the Faith

by Paula Tursi, Director of Reflections Center for Conscious Living   As I sat chatting with a very sad and anxious friend the other night I found myself looking to my own life and speaking to her from the deep wisdom of knowing– which was born of years of FREAKING out!!!! I tried to explain as she sat, tears running ... Read More »

November, Master Numbers and You

Wow, it is almost the end of 2014! Let’s take a look at November, the dynamic month of 11. In numerology, 11 is considered a master number. The double ones create a vibration that embodies divine inspiration, leadership, and making things happen. Two perfect examples of 11 in mastery are both Barack and Michelle Obama. With an 11 destiny (sum ... Read More »

Beauty With Eye Shadow and Depth

By Klara K. Ibarra, Botanical Healer and Founder of Nelum Botanics Once upon a time, women had to be beautiful in order to be accepted and valued by society. Our dreams, desires, intelligence, skills, talents, hearts and souls were completely overlooked if we were deemed anything less than beautiful. Women thus turned to lipstick and eye shadow; that was our own ... Read More »

Three Simple Strategies for Learning Anything Better

  By Dr. Barbara Oakley for Rewire Me I’ve always sought new perspectives and adventures. So why not try one of the most challenging adventures of all—seeing if I could master the very subjects I’d always felt I couldn’t learn? I decided to turn my attention to studying math and science and I ultimately stumbled on three approaches that can ... Read More »

Awaken Fair Returns to Tarrytown NY

In a world where everything seems unpredictable, here’s one certainty: if it’s November, it’s time for the Awaken Wellness Fair. This year the biggest, longest-running body-mind-spirit-green expo north of NYC will be held on November 23 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the DoubleTree Hotel in Tarrytown, NY. Featuring more than 100 exhibitors, healers, speakers and intuitives, the Awaken ... Read More »