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The DIY Oracle Guide

By J. Sol If you are curious about tapping into the full potential of your tarot cards but don’t know where to begin, this post is for you. I have laid out three basic steps to begin your journey—I call it the DIY Oracle Guide. The steps are very simple, and luckily the only gifts you need to master them ... Read More »

New Tooth Replacement Technique Easier than Traditional Methods

By Dr. Peter Silver There are any number of reasons someone might be missing a tooth, but the more important question is what to do about it. The two most common solutions for replacing a missing tooth—a bridge or a dental implant—are effective but also invasive, with potential disadvantages. Now there is an easy, safe, noninvasive alternative, the FirstFit Inlay Bridge.   With a traditional ... Read More »

Visit the Hudson Valley and Tour Blue Rock School

Blue Rock School welcomes parents interested in kindergarten through eighth grade to visit their charming, wooded campus at 10 a.m. January 28 for its Winter Information Session and Campus Tour.  Attendees will discover how Blue Rock School’s unique educational approach brings learning to life. Admissions Director, Beverly Stycos invites parents to “Join us for a walk through our school and learn what a gift a ... Read More »

Navigational Tools For Life

To achieve our highest potential in life, we must balance our logical minds and our emotional impulses. But local energy medicine practitioner Athena Heinold says there’s another factor we must consider too: the intrinsic light inside us. By focusing inward on our light energy, she says, we can enhance all aspects of our lives and will be guided to health and wellness. In her sessions on Navigational Tools for ... Read More »

Awaken Wellness Fair Returns to NYC in January

The Awaken Wellness Fair, the popular body-mind-spirit-green expo that’s now in its 16th year, will return to NYC from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., January 29, in the Penntop Ballroom of the Hotel Pennsylvania, 401 Seventh Avenue. This wellness-focused educational and experiential event regularly attracts more than 100 exhibitors to locations throughout the tri-state area, including NYC, Tarrytown, Brooklyn and Fort Lee, New Jersey. Visitors interested in alternate wellness methods will find ... Read More »

Examining Alexander Technique

by Mona Al-Kazemi Often I’m asked about Alexander Technique (AT) in comparison to yoga, Pilates and other modalities that focus on balance and wellness. The one definite similarity between AT and most of the common mind-body practices is the emphasis on being in the present. We all seek a deeper connection to ourselves as well as to the world around us, and the only way to live this connection is ... Read More »

Breatharian Guide to Lead Sedona Workshop

Ray Maor, one of only four teachers of the Breatharian process of detoxification and self-mastery, will lead a Breatharian and Pranic Living Retreat in Sedona, Arizona, from January 30 to February 8 as part of his international tour. “The 10 Day Process allows individuals to explore their inner master and open their chi energy flow,” Maor says. “The process is a powerful experience that will integrate your body’s ... Read More »

Skin Health Isn’t Skin-Deep

By Lu Lopez I came to Dr. Mariana Boneva having suffered from skin issues most of my life. By that point, I was just hoping to find a product that did at least some of what it claimed to do. I went to Beauty Plus Aesthetics for Vibradermabrasion, a noninvasive treatment that exfoliates old cells to improve skin tone and ... Read More »

Qigong, Tai Chi Events at Eastover

Eastover, a 600-acre estate and retreat center in the Berkshires, will host a full slate of spring workshops and events focused on Chinese healing arts, culminating in late June with an international symposium on qigong, tai chi and Eastern medicine. The 2017 calendar kicks off with Healing of the Heart Sheng Zhen Gong, taught by Junfeng Li, from March 31 ... Read More »

Learn How To Open And Broaden Your Money Flow

The Center of Prosperity has launched a coaching program that uses traditional psychological approaches combined with Reiki energy practice and other nontraditional therapies to help people increase their wealth and accomplish desire money flow in two months. “Our current money flow is a result of our thoughts and limitations,” says Tania Chumak, coach and founder of the Center of Prosperity. ... Read More »