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Free Color and Light Therapy Now Available in NYC

Mauro Clerici, a certified practitioner of Esogetics Colorpuncture, leads a free hands-on workshop in this gentle healing therapy Wednesdays from 6 to 7 p.m. at ImpactHub, 394 Broadway at Canal Street. Colorpuncture leverages acupuncture points plus many others discovered by its founder, German naturopath Dr. Peter Mandel. Instead of using needles, a Colorpuncture practitioner applies treatments using a handheld device ... Read More »

Living Well Despite Adversity

Going through a difficult situation or transition, such as a divorce, an illness or the loss of a loved one, can cause us to become immobilized as we wallow in our grief. But it also can be a turning point, a catalyst for positive change, says Harriet Cabelly of Rebuild Life Now. Cabelly, a social worker and positive psychology coach, ... Read More »

Ozone Therapy: The Miracle Medicine

From the Desk of Dr. Howard Robins at The Healing Center in New York City What is Ozone? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a natural medicine that safely destroyed every bacteria, fungus yeast and mold with virtually no adverse reactions? And what if it also destroyed every toxin, harmful free radicle, and parasite in our body safely as ... Read More »

The PB & J of Daily Health

By Franklin St. John Everyone knows that peanut butter and jelly go together, but the same can be said about antioxidants and liver support supplements. That may seem like a strange analogy, but let me explain. By now the importance of antioxidants to our health is common knowledge. We must have sufficient antioxidants in our system at all times to ... Read More »

Help for Unwanted Hair Growth

By Ekaterina Denisova As a graduate student in NYC, I would occasionally stop by Whole Foods Market, and that’s where I came across Natural Awakenings magazine and found myself attracted to the advertisement for Dr. Mariana Boneva’s Manhattan medical spa, Beauty + Aesthetics. Simple, clear and straight to the point, the ad stood out to me and caught my attention ... Read More »

“Heal the Healer” Program at Eastover

When winter drives us indoors, we have a perfect excuse to take time off for healing—and that’s vital for those of us in the healing business, says Yingxing Wang, founder of Eastover, a holistic living and retreat center in the Berkshires. “Winter is a great time for the healers themselves to come to Eastover to relax and recharge, especially because our rates are so cheap then,” she says. ... Read More »

Study to be a Nutritional Therapist

The Nutritional Therapy Association is offering two separate, nine-month, blended online and in-person nutritional therapist certification programs with new venues in Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Boston, New York City, Denver, Toronto and other cities. Enrollment continues through September 12 for workshop courses that begin on September 19, while registration for the winter courses will commence October 10 until February 6, 2017, ... Read More »

Sleep Makes The Man

By Brian Benko Bedtime habits die hard. When I was a young kid, there was a nightly skirmish between my sweet but tenacious mother and my fingers clutching the remote. Although half asleep while watching TV, I resisted total shut-eye like grim death. For poor Mom, it was just as challenging waking me for school seven hours later, nestled as ... Read More »

Open the Heart through Tantra Healing

Most people believe our brain controls us, but our heart actually sends more signals to our brain than the reverse, says energy healer Goddess Rose. “The heart ultimately affects everything we manifest in our lives—our relationships, sensuality, happiness, health and career success, and even the money we make,” she says. Electrophysiological studies conducted at the Institute of Heartmath have indicated that the heart plays a key role ... Read More »

Rolf Institute Expands Training Program

The human body was not designed to be hunched for hours in the same position, whether at a computer at work or watching TV at home. This static position develops poor posture that can cause as much trouble as repetitive motions that strain muscles. When we sit for long periods, the resulting shape gets locked in the body’s fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, like ... Read More »