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Drinking green juice daily can be a great tool for weight loss, fitness and detoxing—but only if it’s done correctly, says Rebecca Matsil, marketing manager for New York wheatgrass producer Perfect Foods. “Not all wheatgrass is the same, and not all juice is the same,” she says. “The bottom line is, fresh juice is the best juice.” Perfect Foods has been growing and distributing organic, local wheatgrass to ... Read More »

HERBASWAY (800) 672-7322 Founded in 1996, HerbaSway Laboratories is located in Wallingford, CT. Our formulas are based on traditional herbal combinations that have been used for thousands of years. Using only the purest ingredients and wild-crafted herbs, in combination with the latest Western scientific research, HerbaSway’s formulas are synergistically blended to produce optimal balance in your body. Read More »


What is the single most important thing you can do for your health? EAT YOUR GREENS. Most doctors and nutritionists agree that the average American diet is severely lacking in green leafy vegetables, the most nutritious foods. Of the greens, wheatgrass and sprouts are the most potent. Adding these to your diet, even if in small quantities, can be extremely beneficial ... Read More »


Catherine Manning 908-400-8961 Catherine is an independent consultant for Neal’s Yard remedies. She believes that choosing organic is best for both people and our planet. When it comes to the ingredients in their products Neal’s Yard prides itself in honesty, integrity and transparency. They are committed to making products with the maximum organic, natural and wild ingredients. Neal’s Yard has over 30 years of being considered one of ... Read More »