Must Reads

September 2017 Issue

Yes, I Finally Got Rid of Herpes!

Imagine… You’ve got that first date with him/her. You ‘ve got that interview for the new job you so very much need. You’re getting married today. You’re meeting that new client, the CEO of the biggest account you’ve ever had. You wake up in the morning with a huge, red, ugly blister on your lip. It’s a Herpes outbreak! It ... Read More »

Pain Remedy Uses Time-Tested Ingredients

Entrepreneur C. E. Smith has introduced a new homeopathic pain relief cream, Aunt Alberta’s Remedy, to the market. “My aunt Alberta mixed natural herbs to develop remedies that would cure everything that ailed you,” Smith recalls. “This cream penetrates deep into the skin and muscle tissues. I used a combination of several time-tested ingredients—oil of wintergreen, iodine and castor oil—to bring effective pain relief results.” ... Read More »

Free Radicals and Your Health

Almost any activity that you perform results in free radical formation. In addition, there are many things outside of our bodies, that when they enter our bodies, can cause free radicals to form in our bodies. Let’s start out by defining what a free radical is. If you have taken a chemistry class, you may already understand what a free ... Read More »

Renowned Qigong, Kung Fu Master Teaches at Eastover

Qigong and kung fu master Terry Dunn will be the resident instructor at Easter Estate and Retreat this fall, teaching weekly classes as well as immersive three-day workshops in three Chinese holistic health arts. An expert in Tai Chi for Health, Dunn will be offering ongoing weekend classes in Tai Chi Chuan and two ancient monastic qigong arts, Flying Phoenix Qigong and Taoist Elixir Method Qigong. ... Read More »