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Eastover Estate & Retreat Events

Eastover Estate & Retreat Events


Ba Gua Zhang and Sheng Zhen Healing Qigong – Formal China Wushu Head Coach Junfeng Li leads this workshop that teaches a method of self-healing that involves a series of movements specifically designed to remove unwanted negative energy from our bodies and to instead collect the true and healing energy (qi) of the natural world. The movements will help create a deep sense of inner peace akin to what many of us experienced as small children. Simplicity replaces complexity, the body softens, the negative emotions release and one experiences a feeling of perfect harmony with the Universe. Easter Estate and Retreat, 430 East St, Lenox, MA. 866-264-5139 or


Women’s Qi Cultivation – Susan Krieger, L.Ac, MS, PLLC will help you holistically create vitality, beauty, balance and nutritional health. Susan is internationally renowned for acupuncture, acupressure, women’s health and empowerment, facial and body rejuvenation, the energetics of food, healing visualizations, body-mind medicine and so much more. 13 NCCAOM credit approved for TCM practitioners. Eastover Estate and Retreat, 430 East St, Lenox, MA. 866-264-5139 or


screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-3-20-19-pmRestoration & Renewal Weekly Relax and Rejuvenate Retreats – Where else can you go to both “get away from it all” and “find it all?” From the peace and solitude of 600 acres to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, from hiking trails and mountain streams, to the world-renowned festivals, from invigorating yoga and qi gong classes to world-class theatre, there is something for everyone, all year ‘round! Spend all or part of your day on the beautiful grounds, with quiet moments in the Japanese and English gardens, enjoy delicious natural cuisine, or choose from a variety of daily movement classes and workshops. Eastover Estate and Retreat, 430 East St, Lenox, MA. 866-264-5139 or




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