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Make Love Your Priority

by Dr. Michael Mongno

We all want to experience more love and happiness, yet sometimes we fail to connect our role to its creation and maintenance. We all know it’s best to move forward with love in our hearts, but it’s easy to forget when we’re caught in challenging encounters. And yet at any moment, we can choose once again to love. Begin by first forgiving yourself (for forgetting), then forgiving your partner (for everything) and then start to practice loving actions (even in the midst of the tension filled drama).

When we make others’ feelings our priority, we prioritize them on the scale of our thoughts, reflections and actions. If we can think of people with unconditional positive regard, it’s natural to follow with loving actions of kindness. These actions can include showing physical and emotional affection, and most importantly practicing what I call engaged presence. This means truly being present in your listening to what he or she is saying, as well as responding with sensitivity, warmth and compassion. Try being the partner you’d like to meet in the world, and watch miracles happen in all of your relationships.

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“Awarded 2015 Best Business of NY for Counseling & Mental Health.”

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