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Workshop Reveals Rapid Energy Healing Techniques

Workshop Reveals Rapid Energy Healing Techniques

Jenny Mannion, who credits techniques she developed as an “energy catalyst” with helping her win a seven-year battle with chronic illness in three weeks, will introduce those techniques at an online workshop from 1 to 3 p.m., May 18. The event is hosted by AtoZ Healing Space, which offers it free to AtoZ members.

Mannion says “a simple realization” galvanized her approach to healing, which begins within. “Get quiet and get into the body,” she says. “It’s all inside: the information we seek, the guidance we desire, the healing we need. I used these techniques to heal myself, and then took what I learned to heal others as well.”

In her workshop, she will explain how to create positive shifts in all areas of life—“all in record time.” Lessons include locating and eliminating limiting beliefs, fears and worries; feeling the energy body to discover self-healing power; mastering a self-love exercise; taking a guided journey through the chakras to understand which ones need balancing; and creating an anchor to reach a place of joy and peace.

“I’m living proof that healing can happen—even in the most dire of circumstances—and it can happen fast,” she says.

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