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Massage Offers Natural Approach to Infertility



For some couples, the journey toward parenthood is stalled at conception. While many women conceive without difficulty, approximately one in every 10 couples has problems with infertility. A certified fertility massage therapist can offer an effective nonmedical approach to the problem, says Nicole Lucas, owner of BodhiWork in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

“Nurturing the Mother Fertility Massage helps couples create a fertile environment for new life,” Lucas says. “It’s a pain free and relaxing treatment, but it has a 60 percent success rate. It offers multiple benefits to couples who are attempting to conceive, including those who are doing IVF, have previously miscarried or are just starting on their journey to conception.”

Pulling from a diverse array of natural therapies, this massage technique has demonstrated benefits for women with fibroids, adhesions and polycystic ovary syndrome, she says, adding, “Many couples who were previously told they would never become pregnant did indeed conceive within one to two cycles of using this massage. It is designed to benefit the reproductive systems of both women and men and is available to individuals or couples seeking a natural path to procreation.”

For more information, call Nicole Lucas at 732-645-6726. BodhiWork is located near GSP exit 109 (Red Bank) at 106 Apple St., Tinton Falls. Hours are by appointment. For more information, visit

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