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From the credentialed holistic health practitioners at Metro Integrative Pharmacy

The aftermath of the holidays can alter our normal lifestyle habits and sleep quality. Our obligations were a bit more intense than usual! So, it is completely normal that the body starts to experience fatigue and our minds feel overwhelmed. The good news is there are some wonderful homeopathic remedies and nutraceuticals that can really aid in easing stress.

Sally Warren is a Naturopathic Doctor at Metro Integrative Pharmacy. She advises, “Aconite napellus as a remedy that works well. I also like Argentum nitricum for apprehension and nervousness over an upcoming event (like planning a large party or business event). It also aids in curbing sugar cravings (especially at festivities that expose us to a bounty of deserts).” Warren says “Homeopathy must be personalized to ensure the correct remedy is applied to each individual situation, so it is important it seek out a qualified practitioner when choosing a remedy. “

Metro’s Functional Nutritionist, CNS, Karen Wright, recommends taking passionflower for anxiety.  She says “It is really a fantastic aid for people that cannot sleep because they are thinking about all that needs to get done. Plus, it is safe for long term use.” She also recommends lemon balm and an herb called Bacopa, to reduce the effects of cognitive stress. Rhodiola is another readily available herb for “general stress.”

Amino acids such as L-lysine and L-arginine can be incredibly helpful. Inositol is also a supplement that people should consider. It can help with panic attacks, by effecting the neurotransmitter serotonin. “Many people are deficient in inositol,” says Wright.

Metro Integrative Pharmacy offers traditional pharmacy services, health information, natural sustainable products, cosmetics and skincare. All of Metro’s credentialed holistic health practitioners offer complimentary consultations, either walk-in or by appointment, to help people feel their best and enjoy the New Year.

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