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Movie Producer Seeks Input About Cellular Radiation

A movie producer who is documenting the possible health effects of cellular radiation is seeking input from people who suspect they’ve developed cancer or other illnesses as a result of cell phone use or living near a cell tower.

Many people stay in close contact with their cell phones constantly—holding them to the head, keeping them in pockets or bras and even sleeping with them. A growing body of independent, peer-reviewed published science is concluding that such habits increase the risk of brain tumors, salivary gland tumors, thyroid cancer, testicular cancer, fetal damage, neurological problems and other serious health issues, says Ellie Marks, director of the California Brain Tumors Association, who is helping collect personal stories for the project.

“The FCC requires this information be given to the end user, but it’s well hidden in the phone or manual, which few see. There are simple precautions one can take—using speaker, putting the phone on airplane mode when kept in a pocket or bra, and turning it off at night. Children are far more susceptible and should only use cell phones in an emergency,” she says.

The producer is also interested in hearing from people who believe they have suffered mental health or addiction issues from the use of wireless devices.

To participate, contact Marks at925-285-5437 or

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