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2/12 – Public Speaking: I Can’t Move!

2/12 – Public Speaking: I Can’t Move!

Public Speaking: I Can’t Move! – 6-8pm. With Michele Marshall and Celeste DeCamps. Learn the importance of body language, gestures and eye contact in the context of a speech. To be selected to have assistance honing a speech during the workshop, submit your draft and the message you wish to deliver by February 8th. Limited seating, reserve early. WeWork, 450 Lexington Ave, Manhattan. (Building entrance between Lexington and Depew Pl.)

Public Speaking: I Can’t Move!

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019, 6:00 PM

WeWork 450 Lexington Ave
450 Lexington Ave New York, NY

3 Participants Attending

When you watch someone tell a story and they put their whole body into it, you are not just listening you are watching. You are drawn into their story not just with their words, but with their facial expressions, their gestures and their body movement. Have you found yourself standing like a statue in front of the room or keeping your hands in your…

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