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Reduce Your Stress To Increase Your Creativity

Reduce Your Stress To Increase Your Creativity

If you think you’re not a creative person, you are wrong. We are all creative. But for some of us, the stress of daily pressures, illness or emotional turmoil can suppress our creative expression. Creativity can take many forms: speech, movement, music, visual art, problem solving, dreaming and countless other outlets. When you think of small children, they have very active imaginations and are constantly drawing, singing, making up stories or dancing. If you look back at your creative expression as a young person and think, “Where did my creativity go?” this article is for you.

Our Reflexologist and Reiki Master, Richard Randig and I sat down and had a chat about stress and creativity. “Life is a creative search,” explains Richard, “and the strain of stress and fatigue can cause an electromagnetic ‘brown out’ in the brain, causing the brain to go off-line. This is a creative dead zone.”

So when we are in stress, our creativity is stifled, to the point that even such skills as problem-solving, public speaking, finding ways to express gratitude or showing love can be squelched.

How do we reverse this brain “brown out”? Here are some ideas.

  1. Find a practitioner that can help you find peace in your body. Getting a massage, Reiki or a reflexology treatment with a qualified practitioner can help you begin to unwind and reconnect with your creative soul. “These therapies reactivate the energy center in your body and restore your creative ‘juices’ so they can flow freely again,” says Richard.
  2. Give yourself a time out. Identify the main cause of your stress and see if you can separate yourself from it — even if only temporarily. For instance, if your job is causing you a great amount of stress, take a couple of days off so you can evaluate a long-term strategy.
  3. Detox your body, mind and soul. Eating healthy and drinking pure water is a start. Find ways to include something to release your stress during the day, like exercising, meditation or just taking a walk someplace peaceful like a park or a pond. You can also work with a holistic physician to make sure your hormones and nutrition are balanced and appropriate for your body and lifestyle to ease the stress of any internal imbalances and ensure you have optimal energy and health.
  4. Keep breathing. It seems funny, but some people who are in stress-mode hold their breath. Try to be aware of your breath especially through high stress times and keep it steady and deep.
  5. Communicate with yourself in a non-judging way. Conscious and compassionate communication begins with yourself. If you find that you are thinking angry or judgmental thoughts about yourself, see if you can release them and replace them with kind and loving thoughts.

Start to incorporate these 5 simple steps on daily basis and notice yourself finding more time to smile, laugh, dream, love and let your creative spirit shine in ways you may have never thought possible!

Are you ready to realign with your true creative self? Get some support by partnering with our Reflexologist and Reiki Master, Richard Randig or work with one of our holistic medical doctors to get your health balanced to relieve physical and emotional stress.


Written By: Dr. Rashi Gulati

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