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Recycle & Reuse Your Babies Clothes Stain-Free

Recycle & Reuse Your Babies Clothes Stain-Free

The all NEW Tuckaroo is a unique and innovative product sweeping the baby industry.  The inspiration came from a classic, but flawed design.  The traditional baby bib was created to protect baby's clothing, but fell short in collar protection.

The Tuckaroo is the FIRST bib that features an inner flap, known as the Roo, which tucks inside baby's collar completely encasing it and protecting it from stains and wetness.  This simple, but clever design guards against protein based stains that are difficult to get out and are the reason why baby's clothes may yellow after months of storage.  The water resistant inner layer prevents liquids from soaking through and unlike Velcro, which sticks to everything in the dryer, the metal snap closure will never pill baby's clothes.

The Newborn Tuckaroo features a unique strapless design as there is no need to strap a bib around the neck of a newborn.   Just tuck the inner flap inside baby's collar and after feeding, simply slide the newborn bib out of baby's shirt leaving clothes clean and DRY!  The newborn Tuckaroo extends onto the shoulder to catch any spit ups that may run down the sides of baby's mouth.

Reduce loads of laundry, never pre-treat collars again and pass down baby's clothes stain free with the all NEW Tuckaroo!

Newborn, Infant and Toddler Sizes Available



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