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Welcome to your opportunity to reach mainstream educated consumers interested in a
healthy, natural lifestyle. We can help you customize 
a marketing program that fits your company’s needs locally or nationally as you grow and mature.

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Natural Awakenings across the Nation:

  • National readership conservatively estimated at more than 2,500,000.
  • National circulation exceeds 1,000,000.
  • Over 30,000 distribution locations.
  • Natural Awakenings has been a trusted local healthy living resource for over 20 years.

A recent CVC Verification Council audit of Natural Awakenings magazines nationwide found that Natural Awakenings readers tend to represent an ideal target audience for many green businesses. Savvy and well-educated, they are mindful consumers highly interested in healthy products and services.


Our readers are overwhelming female (70%)

  • 72% are between the ages of 25-54
  • 80% purchase products or services from ads seen in Natural Awakenings
  • Natural Awakenings magazine rated higher over TV, radio, internet and other print publications as the #1 source for health-related information
Advertiser Testimonials

“Just wanted to say thank you again so much for your support and glad we were able to work something out for promotion. The response has been tremendous!  Hoping to work with Natural Awakenings again in the future on other body/mind/spirit projects!”  

-360 Degree Communications

“I wanted to build an audience in New York City and decided to advertise my Ecstatic Trance workshop in Natural Awakenings and several other media outlets.  Roger Dubin, Marketing Director at Natural Awakenings, was amazing to work with.  He helped me refine my message to appeal to a New York City audience by writing a compelling article on my trance work philosophy and coaching style. All the attendees informed me they discovered the Ecstatic Trance workshop because of online and print publicity from Natural Awakenings. Due my positive experience with Roger and the success of my workshop, I plan to use Natural Awakenings for any future workshops in the NYC area!” 

-Nika Annon,

“Tina Woods, publisher of Natural Awakenings, is creating a community of health and consciousness advocates by pulling together writers and advertisers who are on the cutting edge of offering tangible alternatives to make a real difference in the world. Her unassuming magazine is chocked full of practical wisdom and valuable tools for both looking within and creating the kind of change that our communities are in such need of at this time in history.”

-Michael Mongno Ph.D LPPresent Centered Therapies


“Natural Awakenings publishes my articles and reflects my philosophy. I give it to my patients almost as a brochure to get to know me better and to introduce them to the new or featured services in our office.”

-Dr. Svetlana KoganFounder of the Doctors at Trump Place


“Tina, Publisher of Natural Awakenings NYC,  is brilliant and knows her stuff about how to market your business. I came to her with a particular request to fill up a class I was teaching. She outlined a marketing plan that was beyond brilliant. It was easy to say yes to her ideas. She filled my class and then some! I continue to work with her for every project and she always gets results! 

-Sue Frederick, Author of I See Your Dream Job & I See Your Soul Mate  


“Natural Awakenings has opened the door for mom-communication.  We are reaching a new demographic of families in New York City and couldn’t be happier with the service of publisher, Tina Woods.  She makes the process wonderful and is strategic in making health and wellness available to all.” 

-Frost Valley YMCA



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