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Gut Bacteria Imbalance Linked to Chronic Fatigue

Connection Found in Patients Fifty healthy patients and 50 with chronic fatigue syndrome were tested for bacteria and immune molecules by researchers from Columbia University. They discovered that imbalances in the levels of certain gut bacteria are prevalent in individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome, a disorder often accompanied by extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain, cognitive issues and insomnia. Read More »

Alcohol Affects Our Heartbeat

Study Finds Consumption Linked to Arrhythmia German researchers studied the correlation between cardiac arrhythmia and alcohol consumption by monitoring 3,000 middle-aged volunteers for 16 days during Oktoberfest. Portable electrocardiographs and breathalyzer machines tested for heart activity and breath alcohol concentration. Arrhythmia showed up in 30 percent of the participants, significantly higher than an estimated 4 percent or less among the ... Read More »

Tree Tally

The Amazon rainforest is thought to harbor a greater diversity of trees than anywhere else on Earth, but the exact number has long been a mystery. In 2013, scientists estimated that the number of species was around 16,000, but no actual count had been done. In a new paper in Scientific Reports, researchers delved into museum collections from around the ... Read More »

Tiny Baubles

Microplastic Mess Threatens World Oceans Scientists from the University of Hull and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have published research in the journal Science of the Total Environment showing levels of microplastics are five times higher in the Antarctic than previous estimates. Co-author Dr. Claire Waluda, a BAS biologist, says, “We have monitored the presence of large plastic items in ... Read More »

The Arts Relieve Holiday Stress

Artful Ways to Reduce Anxiety The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can leave us stressed, fatigued and even anxious or depressed. But according to studies sponsored by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s Nord-Trøndelag Health Study, there are many artful ways to relieve these conditions: Painting, dancing, playing a musical instrument or even attending a theater performance ... Read More »

Norman Balassiano, CMA

ANGELS OF HEALTH 1994 Coney Island Ave, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11223 718-208-5061 • When it comes to your health, change comes from within. The first crucial step is noticing the need for change, and the second is holding yourself to that goal. With the right mindset and passion, Angels of Health can help you live a long, healthy life—and with vigor. Specializing in numerous yoga disciplines, ... Read More »

Holiday Fair at Reflections Center for Conscious Living and Yoga

Reflections Center for Conscious Living and Yoga will hold its annual holiday fair, with free classes for adults and kids, and spa services, on December 16 at its new location in Gramercy/Murray Hill, 227 East 24th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. Many vendors will also be onsite for holiday shopping. The day will feature a full schedule of events and services that are free and open to the community. ... Read More »

Personalized Retreats Popular Winter Option

With the hurry and noise of the holidays, more people are choosing winter as the optimal time for a personal retreat, says Yingxing Wang, founder of Eastover Estate and Eco-Village, a retreat center in Lenox, Massachusetts. “People are realizing that devoting even a few days to self-care can keep them balanced through the holidays, or help them re-center when the ... Read More »

Alkaline “Buffering” Can Relieve Tooth Sensitivity

An alkaline diet—one composed of citrus fruits like pineapple, lemon and grapefruit— can help with weight loss and boost overall health, but it can also cause severe tooth sensitivity, says Dr. Lewis Gross, a holistic dentist in Tribeca. “The acids expose the root tubules if they’re allowed to remain after swallowing,” he says. “Usually this is a temporary discomfort for people who have receded gums, but ... Read More »

You Can Get Rid of Herpes?!!

Susan has been finding it hard to find a great guy. Now that she finally met one that seems like a man she could get involved with she has to tell him she has Herpes. She already knows that if she doesn’t tell him right away and he finds out later he might just disappear, leaving her alone and looking ... Read More »