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Musa Muhaiyaddeen Leads Free Lecture Series

Create Your Own Destiny, a series of spontaneous talks by Sufi guide Musa Muhaiyaddeen. Join in at any time. Meetings are held at New York New Church, 114 East 35th Street at 4:30-5:30pm followed by Zikr, a prayer recitation for those who would like to join in. “This world is a difficult place where we have so many trials, so many problems, yet it is here we ... Read More »

The Health Benefits of Chocolate

By Franklin St. John Who in their right mind doesn’t like chocolate? I know when I was a child, chocolate candy was my favorite goodie. As I got to adulthood, however, weight control became a concern and general health became important to me. The main problem with chocolate products is that their high level of refined sugar wreaks havoc on our bodies. This same problem exists in sugared sodas, children’s cereals ... Read More »

Chiropractor for the Actors

An Interview with Dr. Robert Morrison, in the Broadway Show Hamilton In addition to being the official chiropractor for the Broadway actors in the hit musical Hamilton, Dr. Robert Morrison has his own practice in midtown New York City. A native New Yorker, Morrison has also lived and worked in Italy for 12 years. Morrison has taught applied kinesiology internationally since 2008, and in 2012, ... Read More »

12/16- Reflections Holiday Fair

Reflections Center for Conscious Living and Yoga is presenting its annual holiday fair with wonderful free classes and great holiday gift ideas. We have now been at our location in Gramercy/Murray Hill at 227 E 24th St (between 2nd and 3rd Aves) for 3 full years and want to thank you for all the love and support! The day will feature a full schedule of classes, workshops, ... Read More »

A Weekend in the Wild With “Survivorman”

By Norman Balassiano, CMA “I have made it my mission to help people understand the importance of the environment and how it affects their lives. It’s about reconnecting with the earth.” –Les Stroud, aka ‘Survivorman’ Nature is a very effective healer. By opening you up to new experiences, it grounds you for daily life, restoring balance and deepening your spiritual connection with ... Read More »

Pedestrian Power

Smart Street Lights Powered by Footsteps Conventional street lights collectively emit more than 100 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. The city of Las Vegas, a leader in municipal sustainability, has contracted with EnGoPlanet, a New York City clean tech startup, to install the world’s first Smart Street Lights powered by pedestrians’ footsteps via kinetic energy pads and solar energy. ... Read More »

How to Properly Discard Cooking Oil

Holiday meal traditions that kick off with a Thanksgiving turkey and continue through festive meals for New Year’s can produce lots of cooking oil and grease waste. Following proper disposal procedures protects both the environment and home plumbing. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that vegetable oils and animal fats share common physical properties and create similar environmental effects as ... Read More »

Lissa Rankin on Moving from Fear to Freedom

Lissa Rankin wears many hats: physician, mystic, author, artist, speaker and blogger. What unites her many pursuits is a passion for helping people optimize their health and understand how science and spirituality converge toward that goal. A former obstetrician and gynecologist, Rankin is the founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute, in San Francisco, which trains doctors in mind-body-spirit medicine. ... Read More »

Preventing, Reversing and Managing Diabetes Naturally

More health practitioners today are recognizing both the mind-body connection, as well as energetic and metaphysical insights into preventing and reversing illnesses. As a result, those facing diabetes and other health challenges are accessing contemporary resources such as Louise L. Hay’s explanation of the emotional roots of disease in You Can Heal Your Life, and the medical science and natural ... Read More »

Wine Worry

Glyphosate Toxin Turns Up in Wines Monsanto’s toxic Roundup herbicide glyphosate has been found in all 10 California vintages tested, including organic wines. While glyphosate isn’t sprayed directly onto grapes because it would kill the vines, it’s often used to spray the ground in the vineyard to be absorbed via the roots. Sometimes, glyphosate drifts from conventional vineyards into nearby ... Read More »