Must Reads


Organic Farmers: Growing America’s Health

Restoring the Nutritional Value of Crops BY MELINDA HEMMELGARN When we think of scientists as men and women in lab coats peering into microscopes, what’s missing is farmers. Our society doesn’t tend to equate the two, yet farmers are active field scientists. How they choose to grow and produce food greatly impacts our shared environment of soil, water and air ... Read More »

10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Flavorful Ways to Lower Disease Risk BY JUDITH FERTIG Any time our bodies sense an “invader”—a microbe, virus, plant pollen or unwelcome chemical—they go into high alert, producing white blood cells to fight it off. Once the danger has been thwarted, normal functioning returns. If we continue to expose ourselves to these threats, then the high-alert process, known as inflammation, ... Read More »

Four Steps to Authentic Living

How to Live a Deeply Joyful Life BY JAN DESAI 1. Connect with the inner voice. Uncovering authenticity comes from within. We learn to discern and heed the inner voice of wisdom through daily silence, a still space that allows messages to resonate. This ever-present guidance system is always spot on. The key is to connect often. Be grateful for ... Read More »

Better Options Than Opioids

Natural Ways to Reduce Pain BY KATHLEEN BARNES Chronic pain affects 100 million Americans, with annual treatment costs reaching $635 billion, according to the Institute of Medicine. Worse, opiate-derived pain medications, conventional medicine’s go-to treatment for chronic pain, are addictive and deadly. The Annals of Internal Medicinereports that an estimated 2 million Americans suffered from opioid use disorder involving prescription ... Read More »

The Joy of Dirt

Gardening Connects Kids to Nature BY BARBARA PLEASANT Children benefit from a close connection with nature, and there’s no better place to learn about plants and soil than a garden. Families don’t need lots of space, as even a small collection of potted plants holds fascination for youngsters. The first step is to understand a garden as seen by a ... Read More »

Exercise To Sleep By

Quell Insomnia and Nighttime Anxiety BY MARLAINA DONATO Insomnia plagues millions of Americans, and finding a solution can be difficult when the condition is chronic. Prolonged lack of quality sleep compromises health and sets the stage for depression, high blood pressure, obesity, inflammation, poor memory and even serious risk of heart attack. The good news is that natural alternatives, especially ... Read More »