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Top Yoga Trends

BY MARLAINA DONATO Fusion Styles Offer Fresh Choices While interest in traditional yoga remains strong, a groundswell of new styles looks to accommodate our changing times. With approaches ranging from yoga designed for curvy women to paddle board yoga, there is something for everyone. “I can see a definite trend of mixing yoga with all sorts of new activities and ... Read More »

Meditative Melodies

BY DUDLEY EVENSON How Sound Deepens Meditation When life is stressful, we know we need to relax. The question is how. Many wonderful ways involve combining music with a meditation practice. Although we can’t always control our surroundings, we can learn to control how we react to and internalize what happens around us. On the value of meditation and mindfulness, ... Read More »

Superior Superfoods

BY MARLAINA DONATO Nature’s Top Foods to Prevent and Reverse Disease Heart disease and chronic illnesses like diabetes, Alzheimer’s and inflammatory bowel disease are reaching alarming rates in this country. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 71 percent of all healthcare spending in the U.S. goes toward treating people with multiple chronic conditions. Plant-dominant diets ... Read More »

Yoga Meets Life’s Essential Questions

BY MICHAEL A. SINGER Tapping into Our True Nature In 1972, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening and went into seclusion to focus on my inner growth. This awakening helped me see that I’m not my mind—I am the observer of my mind. I watched this chattering mind creating an obstacle to self-realization and true happiness. I also came to ... Read More »

Forever Flexible

BY LISA MARSHALL Keep Joints Naturally Healthy Creaky knees, sore hips, shoulder pain or a stiff neck can be a thing of the past. Thirty-seven percent of American adults 18 and older suffer from arthritis—a catch-all term for a dozen varieties of joint disease—according to the nonprofit Arthritis Foundation. One in two men and two in three women 65 or ... Read More »

Imperfectly Perfect Pets

Natural Therapies Transform Lives Pets, like humans, can face physical and mental challenges. Today’s fresh approaches help pets replace disabilities with abilities and lead fuller, happier lives. Physical Adaptations Zach, a rescued cat, welcomes foster pets to Paw Prints in the Sand Animal Rescue, in Newport Beach, California, teaching kittens cleanliness, and good manners to dogs. “We can’t imagine life ... Read More »

Mighty Minerals What We Need to Stay Healthy

BY JUDITH FERTIG Minerals—inorganic chemical elements or compounds that cannot be produced by the body, but occur in nature—play a key role in helping us function at our best.According to the authors of Minerals: The Forgotten Nutrient – Your Secret Weapon for Getting and Staying Healthy, they are integral to our health. Joy Stephenson-Laws, the lead author and founder of the ... Read More »

Multilevel Healing Embracing All Dimensions of Well-Being

BY LINDA SECHRIST Dr. Wayne Jonas’ curiosity was piqued after hearing stories of patients that have experienced healing from chronic illnesses or reclaimed well-being without following conventional medical advice. So he focused on researching dimensions of healing that Western medical schools never taught him. The rewards were radical discoveries: whole system science exploring the web of connections within the body; ... Read More »

A Kinder Heart Cultivating a Life of Compassion

BY AMY LEIGH MERCREE The path to mentally transcending the world’s intrusive bustle is to be compassionate with our self and others. It begins in a relaxed heart from which emanate daily thoughts, words and deeds. Here’s a helpful centering exercise. Sit or lie in a quiet spot for about 10 minutes with eyes closed and become aware of breaths ... Read More »

Simplified Parenting Why Less Means More Happiness

By DEBORAH SHOUSE Parents wishing to simplify child-raising seek less stress and more fun; less scheduling and more casual time; less “shoulds” and more “want-to’s” less second-guessing and more confidence. For a happier family life, experts encourage parents to stay true to their own values, strengths, and sense of family purpose, focusing on the wonders of their children instead of ... Read More »