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Crops in the City

Urban Agriculture Breaks New Ground BY APRIL THOMPSON  The average American meal travels 1,500 miles to reach its plate, according to the nonprofit Center for Urban Education About Sustainable Agriculture. Yet, enterprising green thumbs across the country are bringing the farm back to plate’s reach, growing hyperlocal food in backyards, on rooftops, through indoor farms and more. City farming reconnects ... Read More »

Urban Farming…. 10 organizations that are making New York City greener and healthier

By Bryan Mason Urban areas and farms generally represent vastly different lifestyles. Combining the two might seem difficult—but it can be done. New York is home to many urban farms that have embraced the challenge of protecting our natural environment and, in doing so, are making our city a little bit greener. The family-owned and -operated Urban Garden Center, which ... Read More »

Abraham’s Delivers Middle Eastern Flavor to Tri-States

Louis Fellman, founder of Abraham’s Natural Foods—which sells hummus [A1] and baba ghanouj at Fairway Market, Whole Foods Market and gourmet and natural food stores throughout the tri-state area—likes to joke that his company is located in “middle eastern New Jersey.” Indeed, Abraham’s might just be the perfect blend of Middle Eastern culinary tradition and the tri-states’ longtime craving for healthy, ... Read More »

Fruits and Veggies Boost Moods

Eating Produce Heightens Mental Well-Being Simply changing a diet to include more fruit and vegetables can boost mental well-being, say British researchers from Leeds and York universities. Examining health data of 40,000 people, they concluded those that eat more produce have a better psychological state, and that eating just one extra portion of fruits and vegetables a day could have ... Read More »

Vision Quest

Eat a Rainbow of Color for Healthy Eyes BY MELINDA HEMMELGARN  One of the best ways to protect and preserve our precious eyesight is to focus on food. In general, the same plant-based, antioxidant-rich diets that defend against heart disease and cancer also contribute to eye health by reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration—the two most common age-related ... Read More »

Organic Farmers: Growing America’s Health

Restoring the Nutritional Value of Crops BY MELINDA HEMMELGARN When we think of scientists as men and women in lab coats peering into microscopes, what’s missing is farmers. Our society doesn’t tend to equate the two, yet farmers are active field scientists. How they choose to grow and produce food greatly impacts our shared environment of soil, water and air ... Read More »

10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Flavorful Ways to Lower Disease Risk BY JUDITH FERTIG Any time our bodies sense an “invader”—a microbe, virus, plant pollen or unwelcome chemical—they go into high alert, producing white blood cells to fight it off. Once the danger has been thwarted, normal functioning returns. If we continue to expose ourselves to these threats, then the high-alert process, known as inflammation, ... Read More »

Eat Right to Sleep Well

10 Foods Help Us Relax and Rest Getting enough sleep—or not—has a trickle-down effect. A study in the Journal of Obesity shows that good quality shut-eye helps us reduce stress, lose weight and function better. Research also shows that most Americans would be healthier, happier and safer going about their daily activities if they slept 60 to 90 more minutes ... Read More »

Crazy-Good Condiments

DIY Versions Add Zest and Nutrients While not essential to every dish or meal, condiments provide extra flavoring, final flourishes and added enjoyment to any dish. Such meal accompaniments range from vinegars to spreads and sauces, finishing spice mixtures and natural salts. America’s previous king of condiments was ketchup. Today, according to a 2017 poll from, it stands behind ... Read More »

Changing Our Diet to Cool the Climate

Good Food Choices Enable Global Health Three years ago, the New York Times added a new word to the world’s food vocabulary: Climatarian (n.) A diet whose primary goal is to reverse climate change. This includes eating locally produced food (to reduce energy spent in transportation), choosing pork and poultry instead of beef and lamb (to limit gas emissions), and ... Read More »