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Fearless Eating

How to Move Past Food Sensitivities KATHLEEN BARNES Complaints of digestive upsets, brain fog, headaches, relentless food cravings and unrelieved stress appear to be at epidemic levels these days. “These symptoms may be part of newfound awareness of the wide-ranging and seemingly unrelated health problems caused by food sensitivities and intolerances, which are different from food allergies,” explains microbiologist Kiran ... Read More »

Thumbs-Up on Fats

Good Fat Doesn’t Make Us Fat JUDITH FERTIG In an era of too much information, the role of fats in our diet has been a victim of not enough information. Today’s turnaround in nutritional thinking acknowledges natural fats as being vital to heart health and weight loss. Heart Health Benefit A recent metastudy in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a journal ... Read More »

Indoor Kitchen Gardening

Easy-Grow Microgreens Are Big on Nutrition BARBARA PLEASANT Fast, fun to grow and packed with flavor and nutrition, tender young microgreens can go from seed to table in as little as a week. Close cousins to edible sprouts, microgreens are grown in potting soil or seed-starting mixes instead of plain water. They customarily grow beyond the sprout stage until they ... Read More »

The Dark Side of Gluten-Free Living

Most People Benefit from Gluten JUDITH FERTIG Sales of gluten-free products reached $973 million in 2014 and are projected to grow to $2.34 billion in 2019, according to Packaged Facts, a market research publisher. Many such products cost more than their gluten-based counterparts. Gluten Sufferers The latest study, published in the American Medical Association publication JAMA Internal Medicine, found that the ... Read More »

Healthy Holiday Libations

Restorative Drinks Revive Good Cheer During jam-packed special occasions like holidays, our drinks should multitask, too. We need festive tipples to refresh us without overdoing it, restore equilibrium if we overeat or drink or revive us when we’re feeling low from a seasonal cold or flu. In addition to traditional offerings that family and friends might expect, why not add ... Read More »

Festive Sips and Nibbles

Vegan Holiday Treats that Everyone Loves JUDITH FERTIG For those that like to eat plant-based meals most of the time, the holidays can present a challenge. Social occasions from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day abound, including multi-course dinners and potlucks; tree-trimming and baking parties; neighborly hospitality; nibbling on treats while wrapping gifts; and gathering to watch a holiday movie. Because ... Read More »

A Good Food Fight

Keeping Food Out of the Trash Bin APRIL THOMPSON  As much as 40 percent of food produced in the U.S. is wasted, even as one in six Americans goes hungry. Instead of feeding people better, we are feeding the city dump. Of all types of trash, food consumes the most space in our municipal landfills, followed by plastic and paper. ... Read More »

Locavore Lingo

What All the Food Labels Really Mean Locally grown foods are more likely to have been bred for flavor and nutrition than durability and a long shelf life, says Emily Akins, outreach director for the Kansas City Food Circle, a cooperative that links residents with farmers that grow and raise organic and free-range food. An added benefit is getting to ... Read More »

Taste the Rainbow

Expand Your Palate with New Colorful Veggies JUDITH FERTIG Americans’ vegetable habits are in a rut. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, nearly 50 percent of the vegetables and legumes available in this country in 2013 were either tomatoes or potatoes. Lettuce came in third, according to new data released in 2015, advises Tracie McMillan, author of The American Way ... Read More »

Meaty Truths

  Choosing Meat that’s Sustainable and Safe MELINDA HEMMELGARN In his essay The Pleasures of Eating, Wendell Berry, a Kentucky farmer and poet, writes: “If I am going to eat meat, I want it to be from an animal that has lived a pleasant, uncrowded life outdoors, on bountiful pasture, with good water nearby and trees for shade.” He, like a ... Read More »