Must Reads

February 2017 Issue

Eastover Symposium Reflects Era of Holistic Healing

For those who view wellness as a condition of the mind, spirit and body, the West has entered an encouraging era of holistic healing. “Various forms of meditation and yoga have become essential tools for psychologists and neuroscience researchers as well as Buddhist practitioners and Zen masters,” says Yingxing Wang, founder of Eastover Estate and Retreat Center, which helps groups and individuals use such tools to achieve wellness. ... Read More »

New Natural Residence in West Palm Beach

Developer Ben Benson, of Ocean Land Trust, is offering a residence in a nearly 10-acre West Palm Beach gated sanctuary emphasizing natural and wildlife features. The largely unspoiled natural property includes large residences, a wildlife pond and mature landscaping, with more than 200 palm trees and frequent sightings of egrets, cranes, owls, migratory birds, otters and other animals. This private secure community is close to all ... Read More »

Workshop Teaches Tools for Finding Your Soul Mate

Judith Costa, who uses coaching, the Akashic Records, past life regression, astrology and dream interpretation to help people find their “inner compass,” is hosting a daylong workshop, How to Find Your Soul Mate, February 18 at Quest Bookshop. “A broken heart, a divorce, the loss of a partner, a betrayal or relationships that don’t last—we’ve all experienced at least one of these at some point in our lives,” she says. ... Read More »

Beauty Plus Aesthetics: Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation

What distinguishes Beauty Plus Aesthetics is the emphasis placed on the uniqueness of each client. Personalized treatment plans are provided based on the client’s state of health, genetic predisposition, lifestyle habits and body type. Advice is given on treating the underlying causes of the skin’s imperfections. In short, every possible root cause of a client’s skin condition is examined and ... Read More »