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Finding Your Successful Business Name Through Numerology

Does your business name attract the clients you want to reach?  By: Greer Jonas As a numerologist and innovator, I am often asked the question: “I just started a new enterprise and want a business name that is powerful. Where do I begin?” Answer: First and foremost, examine what message you want your new company to convey. Only then do ... Read More »

Be Happy Now- Simple Ways to Quickly Lift Your Spirits

Singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams, whose infectious hit song, “Happy,” has spread joy worldwide, seems to know the secret to happiness. More than 1,500 people from 140-plus countries have posted their own happy video spinoffs at, inspired by his daylong music video featuring Los Angeles residents from all walks of life dancing and lip-syncing to the tune. Can happiness really be just ... Read More »

Learning that Transforms Hearts and Minds- Rethinking How We See Our World Changes Everything

In the 30 years since Harrison Owen introduced Open Space Technology (OST), it has been used hundreds of thousands of times by three-quarters of the world’s countries. Whether a few people gather in a circle to share ideas and brainstorm personal issues or thousands discuss a bulletin board of topics around tables, OST is a safe, informal venue for transformative ... Read More »

Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You- Introduction by Wayne Dyer

In the late 1990s, I was being interviewed on a late-night talk show in Sydney, Australia, and I was asked a question that I pondered quite a bit before responding to the host of the show. Upon returning home, I decided to write a book that would more thoroughly and conscientiously answer what I’d been asked. The host’s question had ... Read More »

Give Freedom a Hand- Let Peace and Prosperity Ring Around the World

2048 is a plan to prevent wars, eliminate poverty and create the conditions for global sustainability by the time we celebrate the centennial of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, unanimously adopted in 1948 by all UN member countries. 2048 dispels myths, including a major misconception that peace and prosperity are hopelessly complicated and unattainable. In truth, both ... Read More »

Maya Angelou, The Voice of Freedom- A Numerology View

“A bird doesn’t  sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” -Maya Angelou To honor the life and words of writer and activist Maya Angelou (who passed May 28, 2014) is to honor the voice of freedom in each of us. As a numerologist, I am humbled to give tribute to Angelou in numerological terms. The numbers in her ... Read More »

Journey to Maturity- Setbacks Make Boys Into Men

We all know hard-charging young men that have their foot planted firmly on the accelerator. They claim that easing off would damage their career and be an admission of failure. They are wrong. Those enjoying early successes can grow up overstressed by trying to stay on the fast track at any cost. These alpha boys are doing what they think ... Read More »

What is Your Personal Year in 2014? A Numerological View

In numerology, numbers are everything. They are the frequency and vibration of how we see the world and how the world sees us. With a simple calculation of your birthday month and day, added to “2014”, you can find what the theme of this year is for you. This is called your personal year number. As we meet the half-way ... Read More »