Must Reads

January 2019

Head, Heart and Gut

Lodestars of Powerful Decision Making BY LEE MILTEER  We are living in unprecedented times of stress, confusion and overwhelm. We all need resources to help navigate these challenging times and make the right decisions for the highest and best long-term good for ourselves, our families and our businesses. Those resources can be found within each of us if we pause ... Read More »

5 Intentions for the New Year

Wayne Dyer These daily practices will help you move toward Spirit in your thoughts and actions. 1Commit to at least one daily experience where you share something of yourself with no expectation of being acknowledged or thanked. For example, before I begin my daily routine, I go to my desk and choose my gift for that day. Sometimes it’s just a ... Read More »

Dueling New Year’s Lists

Discovering the Essential Resolution for the New Year SCOTT BLUM I was fortunate to spend time with an enigmatic man named Robert during a very special period of my life. Robert taught me many things during our days together, and this time of year reminds me of one particular interaction we had. “Now that you are becoming more aware,” Robert ... Read More »

Beet Juice Boosts Stamina

Supplements Increase Endurance Beetroot juice supplements increase exercise duration and intensity for heart failure patients with a condition called reduced ejection fraction, which affects about half of such patients. In previous studies, beets have been shown to increase exercise capacity for healthy people because they increase nitric oxide levels in the blood. This article appears in the January 2018 issue ... Read More »

Stress Lowers Women’s Fertility

Impacts the Ability to Conceive Women that feel highly stressed on a daily basis have a lower ability to conceive, report Boston University School of Medicine researchers. In a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, 4,769 couples that were trying to conceive were followed for a year. Those women with the highest self-reported stress were 13 percent less likely ... Read More »

Happy Hoppers

Nature Finds a Way Frogs and toads are returning in parts of Panama after a deadly fungal disease devastated amphibians in Central America from 2004 to 2007. New research shows that evolution may have saved the day. In El Cope, at least four species disappeared, including the red-striped Rio San Juan robber frog. Four other species lost at least 88 ... Read More »

Poor Packaging

The Problem With Bottled Water Is the Bottle One million plastic bottles are sold around the world each minute. Most are used for bottled water, and most end up in the trash. As demand grows, especially in China, so does the bottle problem. According to environmental watchdog Euromonitor, if the present rate of consumption is not reduced, humans will use ... Read More »

Canine Conundrum

Controversy ‘Dogs’ Grain-Free Diet BY SANDRA MURPHY  Just like their people, dogs are prone to allergies, and pinpointing a cause and cure can be complicated. The maddening itching and scratching that allergic dogs experience can emerge from many factors, including changes in cleaning supplies, chemically treated grass at the park or sensitivity to food—with corn and wheat being common culprits, ... Read More »

The PB&J of Daily Health

by Franklin St. John\ Everyone knows that peanut butter and jelly go together, but the same can be said about antioxidants and liver support supplements. That may seem like a strange analogy, but let me explain. By now the importance of antioxidants to our health is common knowledge. We must have sufficient antioxidants in our system at all times to ... Read More »