Must Reads

July 2019

Veggie Nation Revolution

JUDITH FERTIG  In 1776, the stirring phrase in the U.S. Declaration of Independence—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—became a rallying cry for American colonists seeking these inalienable rights of self-government. In 2015, those seeking a new way of eating for personal wellness, a more vibrant local economy and a healthier environment are fomenting their own kind of rebellion. “You ... Read More »

Alice Robb on the Transformative Power of Dreams

We know that sleep is good for mental and physical health, but whether dreams can play a role is a fascinating topic. When we journey into that state, science journalist Alice Robb feels we can reap even more benefits and make our waking lives more productive, healthier and happier. Her recent book Why We Dream: The Transformative Power of Our Nightly ... Read More »

Urban Farming…. 10 organizations that are making New York City greener and healthier

By Bryan Mason Urban areas and farms generally represent vastly different lifestyles. Combining the two might seem difficult—but it can be done. New York is home to many urban farms that have embraced the challenge of protecting our natural environment and, in doing so, are making our city a little bit greener. The family-owned and -operated Urban Garden Center, which ... Read More »

Transient Leaky Gut Syndrome

A non-chronic condition that can cause big problems for the body By Michael Biamonte The word transient means “not lasting for a long time, passing in time, or not staying in the same place for a long time.” For our purposes, then, transient leaky gut is a leaky gut episode that can manifest for short to moderate periods of time ... Read More »

Who’s a Natural Awakenings Reader? Meet Pauline Leong

Pauline Leong co-founded LIC Vision Associates five years ago in Long Island City, offering full-scope eye care and services and a large selection of ophthalmic glasses and sunglasses. Along with Dr. Scott Tisdale, she also founded Vernon Gantry Eyewear, a wholesaler of on-trend, high-quality, affordable frames. Since its launch in 2017, Vernon Gantry has rapidly expanded, with some 200 accounts ... Read More »

Gut Health and the Human Energy Field

How the third chakra affects physical, emotional and mental health By Lisa VanOstrand With diabetes 2 at an epidemic level, our healthcare system faces unprecedented challenges related to gut function. At the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, we consider physical health issues, such as poor gut function, to be just one facet of a much more complex and comprehensive model ... Read More »

Lessons in Lavender

This timeless herb can enhance lifestyles—but only if it’s the real deal. Lavender’s versatility makes the fragrance one of the most highly coveted products in the quickly expanding essential oil market. While the potential of essential oils is yet to be fully understood, as clinical trials are just beginning, many experts and consumers believe lavender oil eases tension, heals skin ... Read More »

Purpose, Passion and Prosperity The formula for wealth and well-being

By Monica Maria Aparicio Are you clear about why you’re here? Does your work fulfill and satisfy you? Do you love your work but feel limited by the income it provides? Are you trying to figure out how to combine what you love to do with a way to make a living? Your reason for being alive will always be what brings you ... Read More »

Gut Check

Small tweaks can add up to big changes for better health It doesn’t have to be hard to fit diet and exercise into our daily lives, and it’s not selfish to take care of ourselves. By Celeste DeCamps Everyone is looking for a shortcut to good health—a life hack that would simplify our to-do list when it comes to feeling ... Read More »