Must Reads

June 2018 Issue

Pets Welcome Here

Happy Places to Live and Travel Together As of last year, 90 million dogs lived in American homes. Including cats, birds, fish, small animals and reptiles, the grand total is 393 million, reports the American Pet Products Association. Pets are considered family members by 95 percent of their people. Accordingly, pets are a key consideration in choosing a friendly place ... Read More »

Eastover: Healing in the Heart of the Berkshires

Eastover Estate & Eco-Village, a holistic retreat venue in the Berkshires, has become a home for renowned teachers and healers to share their practices to help those suffering from the effects of stress, pain and depression. Located in Lenox, Massachusetts, minutes from Tanglewood, Eastover is a 600-acre oasis of nature, music, art and fine food, as well as expert-led classes in tai chi, yoga and qigong. Upcoming programs at Eastover ... Read More »

Shake Your Stress Away With TRE

Stress relief may be as easy as shaking it off! The revolutionary Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE(R)), created by Dr. David Berceli are a set of simple exercises that assist the body in releasing the muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. The exercises safely activate shaking within the core muscles, calming the nervous system and allowing the body to relax and return back to a state of balance. ... Read More »

Judith Costa offers Private Sessions & Free Lecture in NYC

Judith Costa,an Unconditional Love coach, seminar leader, writer and speaker,will give a free lecture, “Doing More by Working Less,” on June 7, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., at Columbia University. Her lecture and a follow-up Q&A will take place at Mailman School of Public Health, 60 Haven Avenue, in conference room B2-231. To reserve a spot, RSVP to She will also offer private sessions in NYC from June ... Read More »

Resveratrol: The Heart-Healthy Ingredient in Red Wine

By Franklin St. John Years ago, heart disease was being studied in many different countries, with the United States leading the way. The researchers were trying to identify the main factors that contributed to heart disease, such as smoking, lack of exercise and excess weight. While they suspected that fat from red meat was another culprit, their research revealed a ... Read More »

NY Dentist Questions Benefits of Fluoridated Tap Water

Dr. Lewis Gross, director of the Tribeca Center for Integrative and Holistic Dentistry, is a pioneer in fluoride-free dentistry. He has long argued that the present concentration of fluoride in tap water is higher than necessary, and that it may cause fluorosis—white spots on the teeth—and may be harmful to the health. “There is no reliable estimate of the net ... Read More »

Sufi Guide Musa Muhaiyaddeen Offers Free Lectures

Join Musa as he takes us on an inner journey inspiring us to reflect and examine ourselves to find our inner strength and spirituality. During his spontaneous talks he covers many different topics, some of which are: consciousness, dignity, qualities, love and destiny. From Musa’s upcoming book Sufi Illuminations, “If we want to change our destiny, if we want to change who we are on the inside ... Read More »

Ozone Therapy: The Miracle Medicine

From the Desk of Dr. Howard Robins at The Healing Center in New York City What is Ozone? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a natural medicine that safely destroyed every bacteria, fungus yeast and mold with virtually no adverse reactions? And what if it also destroyed every toxin, harmful free radicle, and parasite in our body safely as ... Read More »

Authentic Dialogue

by Dr. Michael Mongno The key to effective communication is for both parties to feel heard and understood for whatever they might be expressing and feeling. To accomplish this there is a three-step process that if done correctly, will ensure the intended result—feeling more connected around difficult issues. The first part is called mirroring and is simply to reflect back what the speaker is saying ... Read More »

Do You Have a Calling? Come to Study at All Faiths Seminary and Transform Your Life!

All Faiths Seminary is an interfaith seminary offering inter spiritual studies for those who desire to become ordained interfaith ministers. AFSI is located in the heart of Manhattan’s east side in a lovely 5-story brownstone. AFSI programs include the study of a variety of major faith traditions with an option of a concentration in A Course in Miracles, Judaism, or Spiritual Counseling. Interfaith ministry respects all ... Read More »