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Movie Producer Seeks Input About Cellular Radiation

A movie producer who is documenting the possible health effects of cellular radiation is seeking input from people who suspect they’ve developed cancer or other illnesses as a result of cell phone use or living near a cell tower. Many people stay in close contact with their cell phones constantly—holding them to the head, keeping them in pockets or bras and even sleeping with them. A growing body of ... Read More »

Make Love Your Priority

by Dr. Michael Mongno We all want to experience more love and happiness, yet sometimes we fail to connect the role we ourselves play in its creation and maintenance. We know it’s best to engage with love in our hearts, but often that’s easy to forget when we’re caught in emotionally challenging situations. Yet at any moment, we can choose once again to love. Begin by first forgiving yourself ... Read More »

MindPower Consulting with Elly Molina

After several years of living in the Pacific Northwest, Amazon best-selling author Elly Molina has returned home to offer MindPower Consulting to the people of New York. “MindPower Consulting helps you use your mind to shut down negative thoughts and belief programs, enabling you to access your own powerful intuitive abilities and wisdom while harnessing and expressing your innate talents in daily life,” Molina says. She helps people who want to ... Read More »

Flying Phoenix Qigong at Eastover Estate

Eastover Estate and Eco-Village in Lenox, Massachusetts, will host a three-day immersive workshop, Flying Phoenix Qigong with Master Terry Dunn, from March 22 to 25. “Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditations, or Fei Feng San Gung, are a rare and extraordinarily powerful medical qigong system that was created more than 400 years ago by renowned Taost monk Feng Dao Deh of Ehrmeishan,” Dunn says. “In this workshop, I’ll ... Read More »

Typical American Oral Regimen “Outmoded”

Most Americans have been raised on a daily oral regimen of squeezing a fluoride-based paste out of a tube, brushing with an abrasive tooth powder or rinsing with an alcohol-based mouthwash to kill germs—not the best or healthiest way to protect the teeth and gums, says Dr. Lewis Gross, director of Holistic Dentists in Tribeca. “These delivery systems for an oral wellness product are outmoded, lack portability and ... Read More »

Spirituality and Success in the World: The Wisdom of Sufism

Join Musa Muhaiyaddeen as he guides us towards achieving our goals. This free six part series covers: Accountability, Integrity,Intention, Qualities, Surrender and Conscience. “The steps taking us to success and wisdom are steps of appropriate inner thought and appropriate outer action, without this combination we cannot move forward.” Musa takes us on an inner journey inspiring us to reflect and examine ourselves to find ... Read More »

Spread the Love … To You

As the traditional “month of love” kicks off, why not give a little love to someone who works pretty darn hard all year round—you? Start your self-love regimen with the basics: what you eat. There are a plethora of scientific studies showing that the quality of our diet affects our risk of death and diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. The short-term benefits of good nutrition are well ... Read More »

Alexander Technique Eases Pain through Intentional Movement

As a longtime teacher of Alexander Technique, Mona Al-Kazemi tends to categorize people in an unusual way. “People are either well coordinated and conscious of the habits that support their coordination; naturally well coordinated but unaware of what they are doing; off balance, possibly in pain, and aware of the habits that might be causing or prolonging their conditions; or off balance but unaware that their habits are contributing ... Read More »

NewLife Expo Continues Its Trail of Success

The NEWLIFE Expo is America’s longest-running event focused on holistic enlightenment and rejuvenation, and its organizer, Mark Becker, says he’s grateful for the continued success and growth of what he started 28 years ago. “Last year I was happy not only to deliver an awesome NEWLIFE Expo in Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale and two in New York, but also to add the Vegetarian Vision Health and Wellness ... Read More »

Overcoming the Pain of Shingles and Genital/Oral Herpes: The Latest Answer

By Dr. Howard Robins Did you have Chickenpox or a “cold sore”? Most everyone answers yes to this question. If you answered yes then you have a Herpes infection. Both types of viral infections are easily transferred by contact with someone who has a current outbreak. You likely may have both! Herpes zoster (HZ) commonly known as shingles is a ... Read More »