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How Hormones and Mental Stress Affect Yeast Infections

by Michael Biamonte When they are under stress, women typically report more vaginal yeast infections, and candida sufferers often find that their symptoms worsen and that the stress also triggers other issues, such as skin problems, itching and chemical sensitivities; digestive problems; allergies; ear, nose and throat problems; fatigue; memory loss and poor cognitive function; and even a white coating ... Read More »

The Art of the Elevator Pitch

By Celeste DeCamps Here’s a great mental workout that will also boost your professional stock: Learn to introduce yourself in 30 seconds. Whether you’re looking for a job or attending a networking event, you should have a 30-second elevator pitch in your back pocket. This quick commercial, spotlighting you, is the best way to garner someone’s interest so that he ... Read More »

SkinnyPillow Promotes Better Sleep for Better Health

food and water, and it’s critical to cognitive health: “Without sleep, you can’t form or maintain the pathways in your brain that let you learn and create new memories, and it’s harder to concentrate and respond quickly.” In that context, any tool that can improve our sleep is less a luxury than a necessity. That’s the idea behind SkinnyPillow, a ... Read More »

Hiking In and Around New York City

By Roger Dubin What if you live in New York City and want to get into hiking and nature? How do you start? Where do you go? How do you get there? Or maybe you’re already a seasoned hiker and want to go deeper and experience more. What if you don’t want to go it alone? Here are some helpful ... Read More »

Manhattan Startup Connects Buyers, Farmers in Online Global Market

Anatta offers consumers a new global online marketplace for natural, organic and raw products for consumers with a unique business model that prioritizes purity, sustainability and social responsibility while allowing customers to meet and communicate directly with the farmers that grow the plants used in the products. Anatta works with people and farms across the world to offer a variety ... Read More »

July ‘Open Heart’ Event in Washington Heights Explores Mormon Tradition

The United Palace of Spiritual Arts (UPSA), in Washington Heights, will host Bishop Kent Larsen for a discussion of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at 3 p.m. on July 28. The event is part of the UPSA’s Open Heart Conversation (OHC) series, an educational program that offers an inside look at a selection of the world’s wisdom ... Read More »

Abraham’s Delivers Middle Eastern Flavor to Tri-States

Louis Fellman, founder of Abraham’s Natural Foods—which sells hummus [A1] and baba ghanouj at Fairway Market, Whole Foods Market and gourmet and natural food stores throughout the tri-state area—likes to joke that his company is located in “middle eastern New Jersey.” Indeed, Abraham’s might just be the perfect blend of Middle Eastern culinary tradition and the tri-states’ longtime craving for healthy, ... Read More »

Seeing the Beauty Within

We can’t let a mirror or a scale be the measure of our self-worth. by Celeste DeCamps I have spent many years criticizing and judging the way I look, always comparing myself to others and wishing I were prettier. Do I want to look like a Victoria’s Secret model? Yes, yes I do. Do I really believe that would make ... Read More »

The Inspiration of Breath

Working with breathing can be life changing—physically, mentally and emotionally by Jean McClelland “All life begins and ends with the exhalation,” intones Carl Stough at the beginning of Breathing: The Source of Life, his riveting documentary on the art and science of breathing. It is stunning to contemplate that statement, and it is revelatory to begin to recognize, and experience, ... Read More »

SkinnyPillow Hits Sleep Market with All-Natural Product

The SkinnyPillow company, which recently completed its first Kickstarter campaign, has entered the market with what it calls “a groundbreaking approach to sleep health.” Its soft kapok cotton pillow and breathable, organic cotton cover are handmade in the United States with no synthetics, chemicals or animal parts. “We’re blowing the whistle on many brands of pillows for using toxic materials ... Read More »