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Overcoming Obstacles in Couples’ Communication

By Michael Mongno, PhD We communicate to fulfill seven basic needs: to impart information, solve a problem, express a need or desire, convey an opinion, express a feeling, show or request empathy, or connect through humor or shared experience. For any of these to happen effectively, the speaker must be clear about the need(s), and the listener must register what’s ... Read More »

Documentary Producers to Attend World Qigong Taichi Day

Director Bary Strugatz and cinematographer Ken Van Sickle will attend the World Qigong Taichi Day celebration on April 28, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., at Easter Estate and Eco-Village, in Lenox, Massachusetts. Renowned in the film industry, Straugatz and Van Sickle have coproduced a documentary, The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West, which will be screened at the event. Both men studied under Cheng Man-Ching, who brought ... Read More »

Interfaith Minister Training in NYC and On Live Stream

Those who feel called to interfaith ministry can receive comprehensive training, culminating in ordination, at All Faiths Seminary International (AFSI). Founded in 1999 by Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, AFSI offers inter-spiritual courses through which students explore various faith traditions and undertake extensive practical experiences, including wedding and funeral service ceremonies, baby blessings, spiritual counseling, visiting sacred spaces, worship services, interviewing spiritual leaders of all faiths and religions, and writing a ... Read More »

Awaken Wellness Fair Comes to Tarrytown April 22

The Awaken Wellness Fair, which returns to Tarrytown April 22, has long been billed as “Westchester’s best-loved body-mind-spirit-green expo.” There’s plenty to be learned at this event, but the vibe is far more social than educational, notes Awaken Fairs founder Paula Caracappa, with lots of friendly interaction. Since 2002, this wellness-focused, experiential event has attracted more than 100 exhibitors to locations throughout the tri-state area, expanding from one annual ... Read More »

Spirituality and Success in the World: The Wisdom of Sufism

Join Musa Muhaiyaddeen as he guides us towards achieving our goals. This free six part series covers: Accountability, Integrity, Intention, Qualities, Surrender and Conscience. “The steps taking us to success and wisdom are steps of appropriate inner thought and appropriate outer action, without this combination we cannot move forward.” Musa takes us on an inner journey inspiring us to reflect and examine ourselves to find our inner strength ... Read More »

Candidiasis the “Great Impersonator”

by Dr. Howard Robins, MD The Problem Each doctor has told them that they have this or that condition or disease. They show the entire range of classic symptoms of it, don’t they? Then why didn’t their treatments work? The answer is that the true underlying cause was missed or ignored. Ignored because it wasn’t recognized as the real “felon”, ... Read More »

The Healthy Food Gift Basket Feast

  By Levana Kirschenbaum  When it comes to gift giving, I only have eyes for the homemade and natural, so I find gift baskets an unbeatable way to treat family and friends on special occasions, whether it’s a holiday like Christmas or Purim, or an opportunity to uplift someone with a get-well or care package. Plus I love putting together ... Read More »

Happy Face Yoga Offers Natural Alternative to Surgery

People who have sagging jowls or wrinkled foreheads, but not the desire or financial wherewithal to spend large sums on medical fixes, now have an affordable and natural alternative in facial yoga exercises. A recent study conducted by Northwestern University and published in JAMA Dermatology found that these exercises known as Happy Face Yoga bring a youthful vitality to the ... Read More »

Mind over Matter

In situations that call for determination, we sometimes talk about “mind over matter.” It’s meant as a colloquialism, but channel Eve Fischer says there’s good reason to take the phrase literally. As cofounder and developer of a self-hypnosis tool called PULSE (Perception, Uniting, Life, Spiritual, Energy) Manifestation, she believes that the mind controls all of matter—the protons, neutrons and electrons ... Read More »

Authentic Hummus from Middle East … New Jersey

As Americans have developed a growing taste for the international, hummus has become a staple in grocery stores from coast to coast. But to find truly authentic hummus, New Yorkers still look to the Middle East— middle eastern New Jersey, that is. Located in Long Branch, New Jersey, Abraham’s Natural Foods is a family company that hand-makes hummus and baba ghannouj in small batches, using fresh, high quality ingredients. ... Read More »