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Finding the Best Hike for You

By Roger Dubin il is when we celebrate Earth Day, so I was not surprised to see two great articles related to the outdoors, nature and hiking in this month’s Natural Awakenings—“Loving Nature: Outdoor Adventures for Kids” and “Into the Woods: Hiking for Health and Happiness.” So how do you find the best hike for you? This is not a ... Read More »

Science and Spirituality

A New Story by Dr. Jude Currivan Futurist Jude Currivan Comes to Washington Heights:Explore more of this scientific revolution with Jude Currivan, Ph.D., on April 28 at 3 p.m. at the United Palace of Spiritual Arts, in Washington Heights. By explaining how scientifically based evidence shows that we are all interconnected, interdependent and unified, she empowers people to live, love ... Read More »

Use ‘Mirroring’ when Meeting New People

By Celeste DeCamps Walking into a room full of strangers is a nightmare for many people. It feels like you’re back in high school and no one wants to ask you to dance. Building an instant rapport with people is a daunting task, and it’s hard to figure out how to do it quickly and make a positive first impression. ... Read More »

Shedding Spirit Attachments

Ghost expert says other energies can affect our health. by Ayn Gailey It’s safe to say that Hollywood movies often exaggerate or sensationalize real-life events in the name of entertainment. When it comes to ghosts, however, films like The Sixth Sense and Ghost actually get it right, says Wanda Pratnicka, Ph.D. She would know. She’s one of the world’s leading ... Read More »

Karen Drucker: Live at the United Palace

“Karen’s music lifts people. She moves people into adeep connection with their own hearts as well as with the hearts of everyone around them. Her music is inspirational, and she is inspirational as a spiritual artist,” says Rev. Heather Shea, CEO and spiritual director of the United Palace of Spiritual Arts (UPSA). Singer-songwriter and New Thought powerhouse Karen Drucker will ... Read More »

NewLife Expo Returns to New York in March

The NewLife Expo, the nation’s long-running event focused on conscious living, will return to the Hotel New Yorker March 22 through 24. “For 30 years, NewLife has been instrumental in opening up people’s minds to all possibilities by bringing experts from around the world in the fields of holistic health, spirituality, consciousness and human potential,” says its organizer, Mark Becker. ... Read More »

Program for Women Builds Confidence through Movement

For women whose poor self-esteem keeps them from reaching their goals, Celeste DeCamps offers simple advice: “If your body believes, your mind will follow.” A professional belly dancer of 25 years, DeCamps teaches women to use movement and postures to become more self-assured and successful. “If you want to change your attitude for the better, start with your body,” she ... Read More »

Who is a Natural Awakenings NYC Reader?

Meet Jason Trachtenburg Life’s mission: To spread the beneficial impact of self-health / plant-based nutrition by means of music, comedy, theater and personal interactions. Work: Playwright, songwriter, dog walker, volunteer at the 4th Street Food Co-op. Proudest achievements: My 25-year marriage to Mother Pigeon (Tina Pina), and our 25-year-old daughter, Rachel. (Also our family band’s debut CD, Vintage Slide Collections ... Read More »

Learn about Blue Rock School’s Unique Approach

Blue Rock School, an independent co-educational day school in West Nyack, NY invites parents on January 26, at 10 a.m. to hear how Blue Rock’s creative and experiential learning environment brings learning to life for students in grades kindergarten through eighth. “Come visit our charming five-acre campus,” says Admissions Director Beverly Stycos, “and see how a Blue Rock education can ... Read More »

Laser Collagen Treatments for Skin Issues

Many people notice signs of aging when skin begins to sag around the face and neck or when darker pigmentation appears. Laser collagen treatments are appropriate for men and women of all skin types and skin tones who wish to achieve dramatic results without painful surgery and lengthy recovery times. A non-invasive FDA-approved facial rejuvenation option that can produce noticeable results, laser ... Read More »