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Beauty Plus Aesthetics: Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation

What distinguishes Beauty Plus Aesthetics is the emphasis placed on the uniqueness of each client. Personalized treatment plans are provided based on the client’s state of health, genetic predisposition, lifestyle habits and body type. Advice is given on treating the underlying causes of the skin’s imperfections. In short, every possible root cause of a client’s skin condition is examined and ... Read More »

Tao Master Mantak Chia Offers Training at Eastover

As part of his annual North American tour, Tao master Mantak Chia will lead a teacher training in Universal Healing Tao (UHT) June 9-25 at Eastover Estate and Retreat. “The best tool for stress management and self-healing is over 5,000 years old and being brought back to western culture through Mantak Chia,” says Eastover’s owner, Yingxing Wang. “The Inner Smile meditation induces a state of deep relaxation ... Read More »

Problem Skin No Mystery with the Right Doctor

By Tina Wilson I have spent much of my adult life and a part of my childhood under the care of dermatologists. As a child I had very bad seborrhea, and it continued through to my adulthood, along with a myriad of new issues. Of all the doctors I’ve seen over the years, Dr. Mariana Boneva is the only one who actually knew and understood my skin, almost from the first time ... Read More »

Dr. Susan offers Alternative Medicine in NYC

Dr. Susan Cucchiara has expanded her naturopathic medical practice to the New York City area and is now accepting new patients at her NYC office, located at 120 East 56 Street, Suite 740. Dr. Cucchiara provides healing through natural means, taking into account everything about her patients—their emotions and personality, the way they handle stress, past traumas, family history and physical symptoms—to bring them to a place of true recovery and ... Read More »

Twelve-Week Program Supports Lasting Transformation

New Year’s resolutions are an end-of-the-year tradition— the most popular ones being “join the gym,” “lose weight” and “stop eating sugar.” Unfortunately, the vast majority of those resolutions quickly fail, says Anamaria Pontes, chief nutritionist for Holistic Dentists, located at 17 Park Place. “Come the first of January, resolution-ers are enthusiastic to change,” she says. “They join the gym and try to figure out the best diet out there. However ... Read More »

To Heal from Pain, Drop the Blame Game

While we often have no control over the bad things that happen to us, we can control how we move through and beyond the pain of bad situations. That means dropping the blame game and focusing on healing, says Harriet Cabelly, a grief and adversity counselor in NYC. “The big question is, do we desire healing? It seems obvious— of course we all want relief from pain,” she says. “But ... Read More »

The DIY Oracle Guide

By J. Sol If you are curious about tapping into the full potential of your tarot cards but don’t know where to begin, this post is for you. I have laid out three basic steps to begin your journey—I call it the DIY Oracle Guide. The steps are very simple, and luckily the only gifts you need to master them ... Read More »

New Tooth Replacement Technique Easier than Traditional Methods

By Dr. Peter Silver There are any number of reasons someone might be missing a tooth, but the more important question is what to do about it. The two most common solutions for replacing a missing tooth—a bridge or a dental implant—are effective but also invasive, with potential disadvantages. Now there is an easy, safe, noninvasive alternative, the FirstFit Inlay Bridge.   With a traditional ... Read More »

Visit the Hudson Valley and Tour Blue Rock School

Blue Rock School welcomes parents interested in kindergarten through eighth grade to visit their charming, wooded campus at 10 a.m. January 28 for its Winter Information Session and Campus Tour.  Attendees will discover how Blue Rock School’s unique educational approach brings learning to life. Admissions Director, Beverly Stycos invites parents to “Join us for a walk through our school and learn what a gift a ... Read More »

Navigational Tools For Life

To achieve our highest potential in life, we must balance our logical minds and our emotional impulses. But local energy medicine practitioner Athena Heinold says there’s another factor we must consider too: the intrinsic light inside us. By focusing inward on our light energy, she says, we can enhance all aspects of our lives and will be guided to health and wellness. In her sessions on Navigational Tools for ... Read More »