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United Palace Debuts Monthly Kirtan

The United Palace of Spiritual Arts (UPSA) will debut Chant UP with Gaura Vani, a monthly world music experience of kirtan, at 3 p.m. on February 17. Kirtan is a musical form of storytelling, shared recitation and call-and-response that pairs mantra and music and creates a soulful experience for the audience, according to UPSA Program Director Arda Itez. “Chant UP ... Read More »

Eastover to Offer Regular Fasting Retreats

Yingxing Wang, co-founder of Eastover Estate and Eco-Village, the 600-acre residential retreat sanctuary in the heart of the Berkshires, just returned from Las Vegas, where she attended the A4M conference on anti-aging functional medicine. What she learned about the benefits of monthly fasting convinced her to offer a five-day, nutrient-packed fast as a standard retreat option at Eastover all year ... Read More »

Who’s a Natural Awakenings Reader?

Meet Stephanie Wright Life’s mission: Is to be remembered when I die by the media for my life achievements. Work: I’m unemployed at the moment but I’m looking for a gig. Proudest Achievements: Expectations for the Future: To get married. Favorite APP: Meetup. Favorite websites:  The Meet Up Event Brite, Natural Awakenings, and employment websites. Local causes supported I support ... Read More »

Who’s a Natural Awakenings NYC Reader?

reader spotlight: Meet Jennifer Fragale Life’s mission: To live an authentic life by making decisions with the greater good in mind, not compromising my values and leading by example. Work: I create websites for individuals and small businesses, working across various industries to strategize and build digital experiences. Proudest achievements: For years it was my “lifelong goal” to be quoted ... Read More »

Open Heart Conversations at the United Palace

The Open Heart Conversations (OHC) at the United Palace of Spiritual Arts offer the opportunity to explore and experience the enduring religious and spiritual traditions with some of the world’s best-known mystics, progressive thought leaders and visionary teachers. Rev. Arda Itez, who co-hosts the monthly series along with Rev. Dr. Jose Román, says it draws inspiration from the Dalai Lama’s ... Read More »

Shared Mission to Help Fuels CBD Oil Company

In August 2017, Greg Prasker and Lee Regenbogen sat down to discuss starting a CBD oil company. Although they barely knew each other, Prasker says, they bonded over their shared sense of mission: they wanted to help people, not just make money. They shook hands, and SupHERBals was formed.“We didn’t walk into this with a huge investment,” Prasker says. “We ... Read More »

Phoenix Qigong a Highlight of Upcoming Eastover Events

For generations, New Englanders flocked to Eastover, the iconic resort in the Berkshires, for graduation parties, family reunions and corporate events. Since its purchase in 2010, people travel to what is now Eastover Estate and Eco-Village, not just for weddings and other celebratory gatherings, but also for holistic retreats, trainings, classes and workshops, such as Phoenix Qigong with Joe Lok, ... Read More »

Uplifting the World through Alexander Technique

The world needs more love, openness and compassion—and Alexander Technique (AT) can help, says Mona Al-Kazemi, the co-founder of Think AT, an education studio based in New York City. “Before we can give to others, we really have to start with ourselves,” Al-Kazemi says. “Yet every day, many of us rush through our tasks and responsibilities, not taking enough time or space ... Read More »

Give the Gift of the Outdoors This Holiday

By Roger Dubin “Experiences, not possessions.” I’ve been hearing that a lot lately, and I love hearing it. This is the way I live now. I no longer have to have another shirt, an extra belt or a fifth watch. I can’t possibly use all the stuff I have already. Instead I will go on another hike, or travel to ... Read More »

My Miraculous Journey through Breathing

By Nevşah F. Karamehmet My journey—the one that brought me here to New York City—began 20 years ago. Iwas in my 20s, healthy and successful. I’d gone to the best schools in Turkey, and Ihad a great social life. My family and friends supported and loved me. I really had itall, yet I was unhappy and didn’t know why. Although ... Read More »