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BREATHE- Simple Name Says Volumes about Dry Salt Therapy

Certified yoga therapist and breathing expert Ellen Patrick and her husband, NYC entrepreneur Gary Patrick, opened their first salt room, Breathe Easy, in Manhattan in January 2014. The fact that in less than two years, they opened three more locations—now simply called Breathe—speaks to the popularity and effectiveness of the natural therapy the couple introduced to the NYC area. NA recently interviewed Ellen to learn about recent developments. What are your ... Read More »

Transformation Possible “In the Right Hands”

by Tara Bonsignore Where do I begin to describe my experience with Dr. Mariana Boneva? I was looking for a transformation of my skin. I’d been having random breakouts from time to time, but then they turned into what looked like welts on my face and neck. My skin had never been so bad. I needed professional help. When I had my first visit to Dr. Boneva in 2010, I knew I had ... Read More »

The Clean Bedroom Improves Online Shopping Experience

In response to an ever-changing marketplace, The Clean Bedroom recently unveiled its plans for 2016, including a newly revamped website. The fresh, clean-looking site ( will be a responsive design to attract mobile shoppers, and will include a financing program to break purchases up into smaller, easier-to-afford installments. Additionally, the shopping cart will be managed via Magento, an e-commerce platform that has powered more Internet Retailer Top 1000 merchants than ... Read More »

Metaphysical Hypnotherapy Workshop Teaches “Power of Positive”

On February 20, Ralph A. Gonzalez will conduct his metaphysical hypnotherapy workshop “The Power of Positive,” in which participants will experience and learn new therapies designed to empower them to live a more fulfilled life. “In this workshop I will take people on an amazing journey,” Gonzalez says. “When we return, they will feel happy, joyous, free and full of positive energy.” The workshop will cover an explanation of hypnotherapy, ... Read More »

Shot of Wheatgrass Packs a Punch

Wheatgrass juice is catching on across the United States for its healthful properties— from its vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll to its antioxidants and disease-preventing phytochemicals. But Perfect Foods Inc. has kept New Yorkers ahead of the health curve for decades, says Aaron Matsil, marketing coordinator for the longtime NYC business. “This is not just some short-lived health fad,” he says. “Perfect Foods has been growing and ... Read More »

Root Canals Can Be Quick, Pain-Free

By Reid Winick, DDS Recently  a new patient of mine,  Rose  OrrelI, wrote a blog post, “How I Avoided a  Root Canal with  Natural  Dentistry” (, in which she details her long, tenuous dental history—from  her  childhood with  extractions  and  braces to her adulthood with failed periodontal surgeries and root canals. Rose came to  Dentistry for Health New York  for a second ... Read More »

Get Health Back on Track with Colonics

After a winter of “cocooning”—that is, eating too much and moving too little—most of us look forward to spring as an opportunity to detox and get active again. Rachel Mann, a certified colon therapist with 24 years’ experience, says the season always brings an uptick of clients eager to do some personal spring cleaning. “A colonic is important way to ... Read More »

Annon Offers Ecstatic Trance Workshop

On February 14, Nika Annon, a certified neurolinguistic programming coach, will lead a one-day workshop to teach the ancient art of ecstatic trance. “This safe mind-body journey supports an introspective exploration into your inner wisdom and presence of your spirit,” she says. Workshop participants will experience trance through the ecstatic body postures of our spiritual ancestors combined with the accompaniment of rhythmic sounds of a rattle to stimulate ... Read More »

Good-Bye, Perfectionism

Changing Resolutions to Realities without the P-Word By Tara Greenway Did you just make a list of New Year’s resolutions? And does your list actually make you jump up and exercise every day, cut out all carbs and repair all your relationships? If so, you’re amazing—and please call me, because I want to meet you. By the end of January, most of us look ... Read More »

Renowned Teachers Will Lead Eastover Workshops

Li Junfeng, Mantak Chia and Lee Holden are among the many highly regarded teachers slated to lead 2016 workshops at Eastover Estate and Retreat, a 600-acre holistic sanctuary in Lenox, Massachusetts. “Eastover is quickly becoming a major training and retreat center in the Berkshires,” says founder YingXing Wang. “We’re honored to host these world-renowned teachers.” Li Junfeng will teach “Sheng Zhen Gong: The Qigong of Unconditional Love.” This ... Read More »