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The Evidence for Hope

By Tara Greenway A wonderful thing about children is their effortless ability to hope. They don’t need to learn or try to hope. They come into life trusting that they’ll be fed, held and loved. Most children hope even in the face of great hardship. That’s why we adults are sometimes jealous of children: they get to hope. And we ... Read More »

Everything I Should Learn About Life I Could Learn From My Houseplants

By Nicole Mignone for Rewire Me Each week when I water my houseplants, I am surprised by the subtle changes that have taken place in such a short time. Most of my plants started from seeds or cuttings and continue to grow, sometimes despite their environment and caretaker. Pruning and watering are my moving meditation, and I would like to share the life lessons they have taught ... Read More »

Minimally Invasive Ozone Extractions

By Dr. Peter Silver There are times when a tooth is so badly decayed or damaged that it cannot be saved. That is when we look at wiggling out the tooth. With the proper use of anesthesia and using pain free injection techniques, we are able to make patients profoundly numb so that they do not have any pain. All ... Read More »

Floating- New York’s Trendiest New Experience

I nfinity Float is the hottest place to have a total “Sensory Deprivation Experience.” Inside their expansive Float Suite, once can float effortlessly in a warm, dense, sterile solution of salt, about 10” deep for 60 minutes (or up to 120 minutes). There is no force of gravity, light, sound or tactile sensations to distract one from shifting your consciousness inward in order to experience the most incredible ... Read More »

Cure Pain Naturally

By: Larisa Likver, MD Musculoskeletal pain is very common and can have significant consequences to an individual’s life. Although there are various causes of musculoskeletal problems, ligament injuries that lead to joint hyper-mobility and instability are known to be major causes of musculoskeletal problems in general and osteoarthritis in particular. Today, conventional medicine typically only offers treatments that simply mask the pain ... Read More »

Is This the Next Best Thing Since Yoga?

There is a new, sustainable way to eliminate stress and anxiety, and to live up to your full potential. Research shows that 43% of adults suffer health problems due to stress and that up to 90% of doctor visits are stress-related. OSHA declared stress a hazard of the workplace. The World Health Organization estimates that American businesses lose $300 billion ... Read More »

Your Skin is a Reflection of Your Inner Health & Wellness

Chronic inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and adult acne are associated with our immune and autoimmune systems. While many mild cases can be treated through conventional methods, more of these conditions are becoming drug-resistant and remain untreatable through conventional therapies. According to Dr. Boneva, the roots of any skin imperfection come from our internal body system. First we ... Read More »

Q&A with Cardiologist Dr. Kevin R. Campbell

By Rose Caiola for Rewire Me I recently had the pleasure of speaking with cardiologist and author of Women and Cardiovascular Disease, Dr. Kevin R. Campbell regarding heart disease prevention, medical breakthroughs, and what we can do to keep our hearts healthy and strong. Here’s what he had to say: RC: Are women more prone to heart disease than men? KC: The prevalence ... Read More »

Awaken To Spring at the Best Loved Body-Mind-Spirit Expo

The ever-popular Awaken Wellness Fair, the area’s oldest and best loved body-mind-spirit-green expo returns to its home base in Westchester on Sunday March 15, 2015, at the Doubletree Hotel at 455 South Broadway (Rte. 9) in Tarrytown NY 10591 from 10 am to 5 pm. This fun and educational day includes speakers (two rooms of them!) with a continuous program ... Read More »

New Life Expo Graces Big Apple

More than 200 innovative, cutting-edge exhibitors and leading authors and thought leaders in complementary holistic medicine will highlight the annual NEWLIFE Expo 2015, held from 3:30 to 10 p.m., Fri. March 20, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sat. March 21 and 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Sun. March 22, at the Hotel Pennsylvania, in Manhattan. The largest holistic health, alternative ... Read More »