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Human Brain Hardwired for Rapid Enlightenment

By Stephen Giron, PhD  Recently I witnessed a historic moment in the long arc of human evolution: we are now able to produce rapid spiritual awakening on a consistent basis. How is this possible? Recent advances in brain imaging techniques indicate that the human brain is hardwired for enlightenment. Dr. Andrew Newberg, professor of nuclear medicine at the University of ... Read More »

Local Inspiration

Interview with Rakesh Samani Owner of Aum Shanti 226 E. 14th Street   Q: What inspired you to open a spiritual bookshop in NYC? A: In 2001, my 25 year old nephew died and that same day my Mom had a stroke. She died in 2002. In 2003 my sister-in-law was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. She died that same year. ... Read More »

Reasons to Not Go to the Dentist

There are so many reasons not to visit a dentist.  And yet there are now very compelling reasons to have a healthy mouth.  Everyday there are more and more medical studies showing a clear link between gum disease and cancer, diabetes, chronic inflammation, heart disease – the list goes on and on.  One researcher believes that at least half of ... Read More »

Youthful Skin Without Injectables

  No matter how humble, spiritual, or psychologically liberated we may be, few of us feel happy about the effects of aging. Most of us want to look better, feel better and, if it were possible, turn back the hands of time. Dr. Mariana Boneva suggests that a multi-faceted, holistic approach creates the most natural looking, luminous and long lasting results. ... Read More »

Get Back To Being You, With Prolo

By Larisa N. Likver, MD  Back or neck pain, arthritis, tennis elbow, sprains and strains … few of us get through life without suffering some sort of joint injury. Left untreated, those injuries never properly heal, resulting in chronic pain that can be physically and psychologically debilitating. But surgical repair comes with its own set of risks. There is a natural, ... Read More »

Why the Ancient Egyptians Used Colonics

Colon hydrotherapy—the modern version of a technique first used by the ancient Egyptians—allows a small amount of water to flow into the colon, gently stimulating the release of softened waste from the large intestine without the use of drugs. A colonic session is reported to help with headaches, bloating, parasites, candida, constipation, bloating and gas. Rachel Mann, a certified colon therapist with ... Read More »

September 19 Event Devoted to Cancer Treatment, Prevention

Most of us associate cancer with medical treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. But we should be thinking about things like diet and exercise, which can help keep us cancerfree in the first place. According to the World Health Organization, more than 30 percent of cancer can be prevented, mainly by avoiding tobacco, eating a healthy diet, staying physically active and moderating alcohol use. Natural cancer prevention ... Read More »

“Art of Energetic Healing” Taught In Person and Online

Australian healer, channel and professional homeopath Suzy Meszoly is offering a yearlong course, “The Art of Energetic Healing,” in NYC and Woodstock, NY, and by webinar. Over the past fifteen years, Meszoly has taught hundreds of people this heart-centered method of energetic healing, through which they activate their innate, powerful healing energies; receive traditional Reiki attunements I, II and III; ... Read More »

Qi Gong Heals Children at Riding Camp in New York

Olga Pchelintseva-Mares is a qigong healer and practitioner who also helps manage International Riding Camp for girls in upstate New York, 90 miles northwest of New York City. Having heard of a qigong school for children in China, she decided to teach energy work to children at the camp. “Because qigong is not something that people can relate to or understand right away, it ... Read More »

End of Life Doula Training Class

A new approach to support the dying and their families is emerging: one that uses a new type of caregiver, called an end-of-life doula or death doula, who acts as a guide and coach to a dying patient and family. These doulas help a dying person and loved ones create life legacies, use guided imagery, ritual, touch, and music to bring deeper meaning and greater comfort to the dying ... Read More »