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Why Your Past Is Still Present

BY CELESTE DECAMPS Do you remember playing “Connect the Dots” when you were younger? You would get a picture that was all dots with numbers. As soon as you connected the dots by drawing a line to the corresponding number than an image would appear. Suddenly, the picture made sense. That’s what it feels like when you can connect your ... Read More »

Why Your Mind Loves Hiking

by Roger Dubin I started hiking right around the time I began regularly practicing mindfulness and meditation. What I realized early on was that on days when I hike, I don’t need to meditate. The hike, when performed with the right intentions, is my mindfulness practice. I initially thought of hiking as a great way to get exercise, but it ... Read More »

Make Our Schools Safe

Be Heard and Make a Difference by Jadyn Turner As young adults and teens, we need to start taking action on issues where we want to see something changed. We can’t just look at these issues and say someone else will do it. We were given a voice so now as teens need to use it, especially on issues that ... Read More »

Regain Ease of Movement through Alexander Technique

by Mona Al-Kazemi What is it about adulthood that makes us become stiff in our movement? Is it our destiny as we grow older to lose our flexibility, narrow our range of motion and suffer from aches and pains? Luckily, the answer to the latter question is a definite no. We can regain lost flexibility by learning how our bodies ... Read More »

United Palace of Spiritual Arts

Historic Manhattan Theater Fosters Spirituality, Creativity and Personal Growth The United Palace of Spiritual Arts— housed in the fourth-largest theater in Manhattan, seating nearly 3,400 people—is fast becoming a major center of spiritual celebration, creative expression and personal growth says Spiritual Director Rev. Heather Shea. “The United Palace fuses culture, entertainment, the arts, and spirituality in new and transformational ways,” ... Read More »

The New NEWLIFE Expo

Mark Becker, founder of New York City’s first yoga center and herb shop and the founder of NewLife Magazine, is bringing the NewLife Expo, America’s longest-running event focused on holistic enlightenment and conscious living, back to the Wyndham Hotel New Yorker from October 26 to 28. Becker—nicknamed “Yogiman” by Robin Williams—says this 29th annual event will be “the most awesome ... Read More »

SupHERBals FullSpectrum CBD Oil is Infused with Love

CBD oil is everywhere we turn these days—in coffee, smoothies, baked goods and gummies, skin care products, alcoholic beverages, and even pet treats. “Everyone is jumping aboard the CBD train,” says Greg Prasker, president of SupHERBals. “Unfortunately, many companies are lacking integrity by putting out subpar products with very high price tags. That’s why Lee Regenbogen and I started our ... Read More »

Eastover Hosts Multiple October Workshops

October will be busy at Eastover Estate and Eco-Village, a 600-acre holistic retreat center in the Berkshires. “We’ve prepared a lineup of several inspiring events, like CEU-credited training in Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage, a 5,000-year-old modality that balances and harmonizes the internal organs while facilitating the clearing of blockages,” says Eastover’s co-founder, Yingxing Wang. Solla Pizzuto will teach that ... Read More »

Trainer Helps Dogs Transition to Alone Time

 As fall has recently begun, busy work schedules resume, and owners and their dogs reboot their full-time apartment life in the Big Apple. Alarms go off and people struggle out of bed while their canine companions take the downward dog to the next level. Then for the rest of the day, many owners are stuck in cubicles while their dogs ... Read More »

Learn about Blue Rock School’s Unique Kindergarten Program

Learn about Blue Rock School’s Unique Kindergarten Program Blue Rock  School, an independent K-8 school in West Nyack, is hosting a free event for 4-and 5-year-olds and their parents from 10 a.m. to noon, on October 20. While the children play, their parents can learn about Blue Rock’s creative learning environment and tour the school’s wooded campus. “Children can enjoy a fall harvest-themed ... Read More »