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SEA Paddle NYC- Charity Paddle Set for August 11

Created in 2007, the 25-mile paddle around Manhattan is one of the premier standup paddleboarding (SUP) and prone paddle events worldwide and is an internationally renowned charity event. SEA Paddle NYC serves as the Surfers’ Environmental Alliance’s primary fundraiser. Through paddler fundraising, corporate sponsorship and ancillary events, it has raised more than $1.8 million for environmental preservation and numerous autism ... Read More »

New Sanctuary of Visionary Art from Chelsea to Wappinger

This summer will bring big changes for Chapel of Sacred Mirrors—known as CoSM—a church and events center dedicated to contemplation and encouraging the creative spirit. Inspired by and built around The Sacred Mirrors, a series of artworks by Alex Grey, CoSM has moved much of its operations out of Chelsea in NYC, where it began, to a pastoral setting in ... Read More »

Get Inspired in the Bedroom- Seven Affordable Ways to Clean Up and Green Up the Bedroom

Adults spend about one-third of each day in bed. This should be a time of rest and recovery for the mind and immune system, but modern bedrooms are often a nightmare of off-gassed toxins and airborne allergens. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “for many people, the risks to health may be greater due to exposure to air pollution ... Read More »

What is Your Personal Year in 2014? A Numerological View

In numerology, numbers are everything. They are the frequency and vibration of how we see the world and how the world sees us. With a simple calculation of your birthday month and day, added to “2014”, you can find what the theme of this year is for you. This is called your personal year number. As we meet the half-way ... Read More »

NYs Economic Impact Hearing on Gas, Steam & Water

TO: Citizens of New York   FROM: Alex Paulenoff, Counsel to the Economic Development Committee   Re: Hearing Assessing the Economic Impact of New York’s Failing Gas, Steam and Water Infrastructure   Date: June 18, 2014 Read More »

Film Screening- Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago

500 miles on foot. Bunk-beds. Stunning landscapes. World-class snorers. Kindness from strangers. Spiritual transformation. By following the personal, unscripted journeys of six diverse pilgrims ages 3-73, Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago paints an authentic picture of the ancient spiritual pilgrimage in Spain known as the Camino de Santiago. Universal themes are presented by pilgrims who seek to redefine the way they live their lives, ... Read More »

Deep Trance Meditation with Douglas James Cottrell at the New York Edgar Cayce Center

Douglas James Cottrell, Ph.D., is a gifted trance clairvoyant, intuitive, spiritual healer, teacher and author from Canada. He is one of a select few who demonstrate the range of abilities studied by Noetic Sciences (the study of consciousness), including clairvoyance, telepathy, energy healing, remote viewing, prediction and prophecy.The New York Edgar Cayce Center welcomes Cottrell June 13 to 24 for deep ... Read More »

Pooch Protocol- Good Manners Make a Dog Welcome

It seems dogs travel just about everywhere with their humans these days. They’re spotted at home improvement stores, happy hours, drive-through restaurants and workplaces, in addition to their usual hangouts. To get Sparky invited into even more people places, he must have good manners. “Just like with kids, not every venue is appropriate for dogs,” advises Eileen Proctor, a pet ... Read More »

Publishers Letter. June 2014

Dear Natural Awakenings Readers and Friends, Inspired Living. What does that mean to you? Does that mean traveling to uplifting places, or practicing daily meditation? To me, inspired living comes from the simple things in life that bring each individual person closer to their soul signature and the ability to recognize that uplifting joy in others. It causes an intoxicating ... Read More »

Emerging Women Power Party

Join Natural Awakenings Magazine at the Emerging Women Power Party on May 22nd at WEWORK Lounge at the corner of Grande & Lafayette Streets. in NYC from 6-10pm.  Power Parties are authentic networking events that aim to bring together brilliant women ready to influence real change in the world through "the how" of what women do. Power Party New York is designed to be a ... Read More »