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How Corporations can use the “Art of Dance” as a Team Building exercise for Employees

Numerous methods are used by corporations to motivate their employees such as motivational speakers or weekend retreats.  Current trends are for physical activities, such as yoga or tai chi. Many corporate buildings are now equipped with employee exercise facilities.  A new and upcoming way to eliminate stress and to motivate employees is through the use of dance.  Read More »

6 Safe and Healthy Nutrition Tips for Summer

Summer is here! It’s time to enjoy outings with your friends and loved ones at the park, the beach or around the campfire. While we cherish these events, don’t let poor nutrition choices ruin your event – or your health – this summer. Our family medicine doctor, Thomas Goforth, is just as passionate about nutrition as I am. So we ... Read More »

August Retreat in the Colorado Rockies

Come where it’s ‘cool’ in the summer! A 6-day retreat August 16 to 21, this event includes excursions to Rocky Mountain National Park, Hot Springs, Devil’s Thumb, the Byers Peak area, and more. It is the perfect answer to a healthy, holistic get-away with adventure for all. Let ‘Neat Retreats’ do all the planning and leave the stress behind!  Read More »

Summer and Fall Wellness Retreats in the Catskills

Wellness Retreats NY is offering individualized programs for weight loss, fitness and wellness this summer and fall in New York’s northern Catskill Mountains. The six-day programs, which are medically supervised, will take place at the Scribner Hollow Lodge from July to October. They include therapeutic bodywork, acupuncture, daily walks and exercise classes, water aerobics and healthful food-preparation classes. Read More »

Angelically Guided Healing Classes Now Forming

The Lightworkers Healing Method (LHM) is a healing system with an exceptional goal: to align us with our soul’s life purpose. It improves the present by working with past and future lives in a uniquely powerful process. LHM applies to any arena of life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and interpersonal issues. Nothing is off limits. Read More »

It’s Sizzling in the Summer Kitchen!

Summer is the high season for fresh dining to celebrate warm weather and make the most of evening’s lingering natural light. Entertaining calls for tasty fare and light foods. This month, Natural Awakenings receives guidance from tri-state local, Dana Cohen from Fox’s hit TV series, Hell’s Kitchen to help you whip up a savory summer delight! Read More »

Doctors at Trump Place on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

If you are like hundreds of thousands of other Americans, chances are you have experienced Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or a similar variant at some point in your life. A definition of CFS was adopted in 1988 which restricted the diagnosis to those who could demonstrate at least 6 of the following 11 symptoms: mild fever or chills, sore throat, ... Read More »

Who Am I, Really?

“Who am I” is probably the biggest question anyone could ever ask, an existential query so profound that it’s hard to know just where to start. We could begin with our country of origin, then our city, and our family and its generational roots. That would say something about the reality that shaped our perceptions of life, our language with which ... Read More »

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Man in 3 Steps

The study of Oriental Medicine is thousands of years old. Even with the brilliant scientific research we have access to these days, it’s amazing how the basic tenets of these ancient health paradigms still holds true in so many ways. Read More »

2012 is The Year of the Rose

Renowned UK teacher, Sandra Marie Humby, and her “Way of the Rose” wisdom and workshops are taking place in New York this June and July. Sandra is an international teacher and healer who has worked in the fields of design, metaphysics and authentic empowerment for over 20 years. She is an experienced pranic healer and house whisperer, regularly working with ... Read More »