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Six-Day Health and Wellness Program Offered in Northern Catskills

New York-based wellness, nutritional and fitness expert Linda R. Asta, RN, BSN, has created a medically supervised six-day program in the Northern Catskill Mountains, through Wellness Retreats NY. The program will provide participants with exercise guidelines, nutritional education and therapeutic modalities to lose weight and create healthier lifestyles in six separate editions this year from July 8 to 13, July ... Read More »

Wu Tao Dancing Emerges in the Metro Area

WuTao is coming to America for the first time ever in the New York Metro Area! Developed by Australian Michelle Locke in 2001, Wu Tao is a movement-based modality that blends the fluidity and play of dance with the wisdom of Chinese medicine. Wu Tao was born out of Locke’s background as a professional ballet dancer and Chinese medicine training ... Read More »

New Website Offers Money-Saving Best Deals

Today’s savvy shoppers know their way around the internet, but to save money, they may spend hours searching for the best possible deal. With the abundance of online coupons, groupons and social shopping sites, locating the most competitive price can be a time-consuming task.  In response to our readers’ need to find the very best pricing on the healthy products ... Read More »

School Upholds Christine Valmy’s Standards & Legacy

Christine Valmy began developing her own skin care treatments in Romania in 1944, using natural ingredients from her own garden. In 1961, she emigrated to the U.S., where four years later she opened the first American esthetics school in New York. Fast-forward to 2012, as more than 75,000 students have graduated from the Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics. Read More »

Dance Your Way to a Healthy Body & Mind

With the hype of shows like abc's hit televsion show 'Dancing With the Stars', Natural Awakenings speaks with one of New Yorks leading latin dance and ballroom schools right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan near Penn Station to find out why dancing does a body good! Read More »

5 Steps to Aging Beautifully

“How can I look younger?  ”That’s a question that my patients often ask me. I prefer to ask this question: “How can you look more vibrant and radiant now?” Read More »

Chinese Medicine Master Visits Broadway Facility

Eastgate Acupuncture is pleased to announce that Grandmaster Zhang Yuanming will be visiting their facility during the month of June. During this time Master Zhang will offer private Medical Qi Gong treatments to the public. Medical Qi Gong is an aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves manipulating Qi, or metabolic energy, without the use of needles. It uses the 12 ... Read More »

Making the Choice to Love

When a loved one passes away one often experiences deep loss and often feelings of regret. “What could I have said or done differently to have made a difference?,” we wonder. For many, these feelings can last for a lifetime whenever they think of the person who has crossed over. I don’t believe this is what was intended by God ... Read More »

Free Lecture on Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Dr. Peter D'Adamo, author of Eat Right For Your Type and many other books about the Blood Type Diet and the power of personalized nutrition is giving a FREE LECTURE about ‘Natural Treatments for Inflammatory Bowel Disease’ at his new health and nutrition center in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Learn from a world-renowned expert in natural medicine how to use natural ... Read More »

Earth Day Expo Outshines Stormy Weather

A sacred drumming and sage-burning tribute to Mother Earth, led by acclaimed women’s advocate Sierra Bender, transformed the lobby of Stonehenge's Ritz Plaza luxury rentals into a welcome refuge from the rain Sunday. Residents coming in and out of the Midtown high-rise were pleasantly surprised by positive energy on tap during the 2012 Earth Day Expo hosted by Natural Awakenings Magazine. Read More »