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280 Madison Ave, Ste 702, NYC 718-482-7197 Sarah Thacker specializes in working with women who struggle with emotional/stress eating, eating disorders body-image issues, PTSD and anxiety. Using an integrative approach including EMDR, mindfulness/meditation training, nutritional awareness and creativity development you will identify, work through and release the root cause of your struggles with food. Read More »

DEIRDRE HADE Mystic And Spiritual Teacher Join her Soul Pod online for weekly teachings, inspirations, blessings, and prayers. Come connect in person at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA on Sept. 21-23 where she will be leading a retreat with her husband William Arntz, the creator of What the BLEEP Do We Know!? Read More »

REV. JYOGAN Reiki Shihan (Master Teacher)

917-723-4342, Jyogan is one of only a few reiki master teachers who have studied traditional Japanese-style reiki directly in Kyoto, Japan while he was living in that sacred city where reiki originated. Jyogan passes this direct connection to reiki root practices and teachings on to you. Learn and experience reiki from its source. Other teachers of reiki teach ... Read More »


646-675-869 Tails of Dog provides force free, customized, top quality dog training and behavioral guidance for owners and their dogs. From puppyhood to the golden years, communicating with your dog involves more than just training; it’s a lifestyle. Tails of Dog invites you to continue your tale whether you are navigating through basic manner cues or a more serious behavioral issue. Read More »


Serving New York City • Business Description- Shake your stress away with TRE! A certified provider, Philip teaches this body based approach to stress and trauma recovery and integration. The simple exercises that comprise TRE lead to the release of the core tension in a relaxing, meditative way. Reconnect with your body and move past the life’s traumas. Email or visit the website to schedule a ... Read More »


FOR THE TRAINING OF INTERFAITH MINISTERS 212-866-3795 • Classes held at CRS (Center for Remembering and Sharing) 123 4th Ave (Between 12th and 13th Street) New York, NY All Faiths Seminary International (AFSI) is currently accepting applications now until August 15th for the fall of 2018 for our Interfaith programs. Monthly classes start the 2nd Saturday of September 2018 and end the 2nd Saturday in June 2019. Classes are ... Read More »


8514 5th Ave. 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY 718-688-2959 Gifted intuitive, Natalie Davis, has been helping people with intuitive readings for over 45 years, since the age of 7. She is a 5th generation psychic and provides guidance on your past, present, and future. She can answer all your questions, tell you about love, soulmates, business, work, marriage, health and family. She can also provide names and descriptions of meaningful ... Read More »


MUSA MUHAIYADDEEN Sufi Study Center on Musa Muhaiyaddeen (Emanuel L. Levin) has been teaching Sufism around the world for many years and is a direct disciple of Sufi Master, M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen. Musa devotes his time serving others, inspiring everyone to clear out what blocks them from connecting to their inner spirituality and to understand their relationship with God. Go to to learn more about ... Read More »


Present Centered Therapies Upper West Side 212-799-0101 • Dr. Mongno’s practice originates from his own work over the course of his life journey. The synthesis of this life work along with his extensive training in multiple therapeutic modalities allows him to create insightful and emotionally corrective experiences with his clients. This results in greater cognitive understanding and emotional self awareness. It profoundly develops an enhanced ability to live more ... Read More »


646-632-5181 • Alexander Technique Think AT is a new small business located in Battery Park city, dedicated to teaching Alexander Technique, mainly through individual lessons. The name is inspired by the focus of Alexander Technique on “thinking,” which affects the way we live, including how we move whether with patterns of tension or ease. Teachers at Think AT have expertise with more than 12 years of training. Read More »