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September 2018 Issue

September Ananda

Celebrating a Month of Yoga Bliss Millions of yoga enthusiasts will practice their asanas (positions) around the world during September to further the causes of world peace, environmental responsibility, community service and better health. On September 21 and 22, practitioners will honor the United Nation’s International Day of Peace through the Global Mala Project. It unites yoga communities from every continent to ... Read More »

Fall Flyways

BY TIMOTHY BOUCHER Thrill to Flocks in Full Flight Fall migration literally brings birds of a different feather than in springtime. Spring migration brings a glorious burst of song and color as millions of tiny feathered gems pour northward, singing their hearts out, flitting about with the excitement of arrival at their breeding grounds. They are relatively easy to spot and ... Read More »

Meditation Improves Long-Term Cognition

Extended Mental Health Benefits Cognitive gains that people experience from an intense meditation retreat can persist for at least seven years and slow age-related cognitive decline, a new study shows. Researchers from the University of California at Davis followed up with 60 people that had participated in a three-month retreat in which they meditated in a group and alone for ... Read More »

Spanking Linked to Mental Health Problems

Impacts Children Later in Life Spanking—defined as using physical force to control a child’s behavior by inflicting pain, but not injury—can have profound effects on a child later in life, say University of Michigan researchers. Surveying records of 8,300 people that visited outpatient clinics for routine health problems, they found that the 55 percent of those that reported being spanked ... Read More »

Bell Ringer

Unprecedented Support for International Day of Peace United Nations peace bells throughout the world will ring September 21 as the International Day of Peace circles the globe in a 24-hour celebration toward a sustainable world peace. A global broadcast via the Internet, radio and television will spotlight the UN’s central purpose, “to end the scourge of war for future generations.” ... Read More »

Wild Berries Prove Anti-Cancer Prowess

Naturally Occurring Compound Prevents Tumors A naturally occurring compound found abundantly in wild blackcurrants, bilberries and lingonberries increases the body’s ability to prevent tumors, report researchers from the University of Eastern Finland. The color-producing pigments known as anthocyanins were found to increase the cancer-fighting ability of sirtuin 6, part of a class of enzymes that regulate the expression of genes ... Read More »

Fabulous Fan Fare

JUDITH FERTIG  Healthy Tailgating Foods to Cheer For Eat, play, party… and repeat. We may call it tailgating, fangating, homegating, a watch party or simply eating with friends before a big game. According to the American Tailgaters Association, in St. Paul, Minnesota, an estimated 50 million Americans tailgate annually. Whether we’re on the road or at home, making the menu ... Read More »

Yoga Month

10 Reasons to try Yoga in September This month, yoga studios and instructors around the world are hosting events to introduce people to yoga, the 5,000-year-old practice that is their passion. Individuals can choose from many schools and yoga styles to find those best suited to their body type, personality and stage of life and fitness. While instructional approaches to ... Read More »

Back-to-School Separation Anxiety

BY MARY WULFF Restoring and Maintaining Calm for Your Pets Corky the dog so dislikes being left alone that he has ripped up car upholstery and jumped through windows in an attempt to rejoin his humans when they leave the house for school, work or errands. Shay, on the other hand, watches calmly out the window when her humans leave each ... Read More »

Zero Waste Lifestyle

BY AVERY MACK Ways to Make Far Less Trash In manufacturing, a zero waste policy means designing products so that all resources are used or reused. It’s a concept Bea Johnson, author of Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste, embraced for her family a decade ago in Mill Valley, California. “My goal was ... Read More »